Barns from Nowhere
Barns from Nowhere
Don't let the rust fool you.
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Other Names
the Barns, Old Barns, New-Old Barns

Description: Have you ever driven down an elderly country road, breathing in farm, and exhaling carbon? One could drive for hours with no signs of human life, as if man had faded away, our imprint the only thing holding on. Your eyes scamper from one side of the road to another, but all that is there is rows of crop, lined neatly like a military battalion.

And then you see a barn, an old barn. A screaming barn.

The Barns from Nowhere are visually similar to old, dilapidated barns. Metal rusted with orange tetanus, rich maroon paint withered and chipping. All symptoms of age; showing stories of lives once lived. This story however is an error of the human mind, finding meaningless logic in meaningless things, as The Barns have only been there for a few days. The Barns will exist suddenly, as if existing for decades, false memories of a past they didn't have. No recorded persons have watched a Barn from Nowhere emerge from the colloquial "Nowhere" it is native to. It could appear in a flash of light, or a flash of scream, or just a flash. Some mysteries are best left crying for an answer.

Livestock like barns, the flashy red reminding them of their own imminent demise in a pool of red, possibly. They seem to love these Old Barns as much, an affair of barns, in poetic terms. They will be seen walking, trotting, and bumbling into these barns; but the only things that re-emerge are their wet screams; resonating through the red siding. They stop after a while, noise dwindling like blood from a wound, scabbing off with silence. The Old Barns have been shown to move. Slowly, they creep closer to livestock pens, then feed off the animals' curiosity.

Edit 3/30/19: More details about The Barns have been found after my personal encounter with them. I am currently tracking the one I made contact with, and do not have time to write up my information in full. However, I have attached the video transcription of my encounter below. I have also tried to cross out some irrelevant info.

-Lane (Author)

Background: There was a farm crisis across the Midwest in the 80's, agriculture became nearly profitless, the farms grew poor. Houses and dreams abandoned when made into hardships. And with farmhouses being abandoned, so were the barns. The sheer amount of abandoned barns in the Midwest makes it difficult to tell whether they are from somewhere, or nowhere. The Barns from Nowhere use this to hide their numbers, blending in with the crowd, spotless on the outside. Nobody knows about the inside.

Location and Population: The American Midwest. Populations are estimated to be at 50-100. One Old Barn has been shown to appear every day or two, slowly suffocating the real decrepit barns with false ones.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Fire. Burning incandescence of orange flames, whisking through the wood of The Barns, until their red paint has been reduced to black ember. Look for places there weren't barns before, talk around. Farmers are omniscient of their rural surroundings. If you aren't sure if a barn is a Barn from Nowhere, know "not sure" is good enough as being sure, simply set the decrepit and abandoned barns aflame. If you hear The Barn screaming as its retort to its premature end, cover your ears until its fate sets in.

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Edit 3/30/19: This move may be met with a skeptical mind, but I do believe investigating who "Old McDonald" is not beyond a good idea. I'm aware of the nursery rhyme, but the way it was said, the way it looked, it almost felt serious, like a scream for a sense of sanity; for help.

-Lane (Author)


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