An old ink and graphite transfer of a Borean from a recovered woodblock.
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blank.png Borians, Fae-folk, Goblins, Changelings, Snatchers

Description: Few creatures are as enigmatic as the Borean and even fewer as as intelligent. They appear humanoid, but don't let that fool you. Their true form is ghostly, able to be seen with the naked eye under low-light conditions. When observed in that nature, their skin has a sickeningly silver sheen to it with nasty inhuman features; they usually have misshapen limbs, facsimiles of skin, and clumps of hair barely clinging onto their scalps. Looking like someone had thrown a hairless chimp into a wood chipper isn't the worst of it.

"They're so ugly, it figures they'd have to disguise themselves. Most people would mercy kill them thinking they were crawling out of a car accident."
— Ranger One-eye of the Round Poke outfit.

Like a parasite, Boreans are known to infiltrate outfits to siphon emotional energy from the group. Teams that display a lot of emotions, fear, anger, happiness, or whatever, have a high chance of attracting a Borean. They can turn corporeal at will and reshape their bodies in the physical world, keeping those forms for months on end. It's not well-known how, but they even conjure clothing and at times working weapons for themselves. This ability allows them to camouflage into groups more easily especially in larger group settings. Their command of language is impressive, and they are believed to be fully sapient, as research from the "Sack" outfit of the Appalachians would show.

Whatever emotion they feed off of, they try to stir or incite those feelings from a Warder outfit for as long as they can milk it. Although they cannot read minds, they can certainly read emotions. Usually, they feed on anger and outrage, but sometimes more positive emotions as well. They are generally benign and seem to eat food or drinks offered and function as a normal person in human form. They don't remove or drain an emotion completely, but seem excitable when exposed to it. It may be that they can will objects to take form through this energy they have fed on, much like we can will the being of an object to appear in our mindscapes. If organic materials are the fuel for physical entities, emotions and thoughts are the fuel for these metaphysical beings. Hard as hell to detect if you're being siphoned.

Sometimes they're tactful about it. Maybe they wait a good couple days before trying to nightclub themselves into the party. Those are the ones that slip by, stir up some strong emotions, and leave before anyone notices. They may use some sort of suggestive ability to remove suspicion from themselves by affecting the thought process of other team members. When they are captured on video, it appears that their form jumbles with replays, which is an easy enough method to detect them as don't play well with modern tech it seems. Still, they are stuck in their humanoid forms and cannot willingly shift back. It's only after a particular duration that varies among Boreans that they can turn back into their spirit forms, which makes them even more cautious when interacting with humans. They can step in and out the physical world in their spirit forms by jumping in and out of wild mushroom circles, dubbed fairy circles in folklore, as if they were portals to another side. Humans cannot interact with them the same way the aberrant can and thus the circles are not considered aberrational.

Background: Lots of stories exist about the Boreans, a lot of them European folk tales. Specifically, areas with strong historical ties to European settlers are affected by Borean encounters the most. These places are usually on the Eastern coasts of North America, with very few sightings in the Midwest of both the US and Canada.

The instances of Boreans that have existed in documents tell similar tales. Encounters of "disappearing folk" in the 17th century detail how new settlers would appear from the woods usually in times of full moons. These supposed settlers would claim to be lost, or just passing through. While friendly, an odd detail strung together by most encounters is that they appeared to be wearing clothing of the period, but in peculiar ways. If a town were gracious enough to host them, they would stay in a house for a time, mysteriously vanishing at the new moon. Many would be jovial and the town would be encouraged to host celebrations. Other times, the moment the stranger entered, entire families would be broken apart due to gossip and accusations. It is believed that the Salem Witch Trials may have been started in part by Borean influence in the New England area.

Because of their initial human appearance, many believed these creatures to have stolen the bodies of real men and women. Some stories of Europe tell of how the "fae-folk" would take the form of human children or babies who their kin had stolen and replaced. In actuality, it seems that the Borean may have fed on the nurturing nature of childless couples and formed themselves into the shapes of infants who were abandoned. They could be taken care of for months (sometimes years) to come, until they disappear completely from the home of the people who raised them. It's not exactly known why they leave eventually when they feed on such emotions. Some think that they adhere to some form of cycle and enter a hibernation at certain times, which could be an explanation for the disappearances during the moon phases.

It appears most of any second hand accounts turn into Americana folktales. Even then, only a few of them seem truly credible. New reports do come in from Warders or other sources occasionally. The Round Poke outfit of Richmond, Kentucky, coined the Sack outfit by locals, were the first (and the only ones who bothered) to check the patterns of pre-20th century reports in 1990. They were spurred by a recent missing persons report that aired in the local news of the locally famed "Giant Man," a homeless man who was abnormally tall. He had no identity but had been discovered by locals panhandling along the highways of Richmond around July in 1989. His extreme height of 7'11"1 had made him very noticeable. He garnered a lot of attention and was seen there every day for the past five months of time. People who were looking to give him gifts for the holidays in December found him no longer at his post and after a week of being missing from the town, many folks got worried. Someone anonymously filed a missing persons report that gained popularity and was aired on the news near New Years of 1990. Acting on a hunch of their knowledge on strange events, the outfit wondered if foul play was involved, and searched into cases of disappearances, leading them to their discovery.

Location and Population: Boreans operate in areas of dense mushroom and forest growth. They rarely appear in densely urban areas. Even though they require humans for their sustenance, it's not uncommon to find one in remote regions. It may be that these are places where they actively recharge when not feeding.

The exact population of Boreans that exist is unknown, but it's highly likely that they operate in single groups as no two Boreans have ever been found in the same area. The extent of which they interact among their groups is unknown, although "Andy" has been cooperative and states about five entities of his kind that he personally knows.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: According to Roundy, leader of the Sack outfit, "you don't catch Boreans so much as you let them catch you." There is no way to actively hunt for a Borean, but they can be enticed to come to a group, especially if offers are made openly to them. Because of their incorporeal nature, they may display some sense of omniscience when offerings are directed at them specifically.

The metaph will rarely initiate violence as their corporeal bodies are prone to damage and they still feel pain. When killing the human form, any method that would kill a real person will do. This does make it dangerous to misidentify a Borean, however, as the Salem Witch Trials have shown. Post-mortem, they return to their translucent spirit forms, but exist on some physical level in the earthly plane. Any form of mostly pure iron and iron alloys can connect with their spiritual forms as if they were affecting the normally incorporeal spirits in a physical manner. It's thought to be possible to destroy them completely with iron weapons to permanently destroy their incorporeal body. They have a naturalized fear of iron as a result. Of course, if the spirit form enters a fairy circle, they seem to enter some sort of other side and are undetectable in the physical world, making it impossible to interact with them further; it's assumed any further interactions with them are rather one-sided. Destroying fairy circles also causes them to be unable to use those circles.

Encounter Records: On October 20th of 1994, around 2000 EST, the Sack outfit utilized the ritual detailed above and successfully summoned a Borean entity dubbed Andy by its own admission. Roundy, Pinstripe (a prominent marksman of the outfit), and Eagleman (the group's designated cameraman and DCC liaison) were also there to provide assistance during the ritual and to record the events. The entries below are transcriptions of the video records that were submitted. This overall event was known as the "Fae-Contact Incident" or FCI for short.

Additional Notes: Upon review of the video files, the DCC of Louisville, KY has determined the presence of an unidentified large aberrant that may be roaming the eastern Kentucky area. This advisory warning has taken place since October of 1994, though the creature has remained elusive and mostly hidden since. Updates to its status will be reviewed and linked on the Society website. The Bahane is currently being scoured for any possible connections or hints as to what this unidentified aberration is.


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