I always forget to take pictures when I see them, so I decided to get creative. This is a bit exaggerated, but still accurate enough (when they are dead, of course). The eye is just an artistic touch that I added - it was a leftover from my previous project, and why not use what you have, right? I think it turned out well!
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png Fleshoes, Shoes

Description: They look like shoes. Well, not like any shoes, but like what comes to mind when you hear the word “shoe”. Like the general shape of a shoe. They are made out of leather, in any case. Leather-like skin, rather, because it's part of their bodies (I think). It's easy to distinguish them from the casual wear you see in shops, but not so much from an old, worn boot.

Anyway, they are organic. Fully made out of flesh, no synthetic parts whatsoever (I've checked them thoroughly). I’m not a biologist and I don't know how to cut them up without destroying everything in them just yet, so I can only guess that they are more or less like a normal animal. They probably have lungs with which they breathe, and a heart for the blood, as well as something that produces acid. Their mouths are in that hole in which you usually put your foot in, and they have lots of tiny, razor-sharp teeth in there. I think that's a defensive thing - I've never seen them eat. And I don't know where their eyes are, or if they have eyes at all. But they can definitely hear, or feel soundwaves in some other way. Who knows.

Their movement’s weird. They contract like a caterpillar, and then just hop forward. It's not fast at all, and because they don't fight back, it's easy to hunt them. The most they do is “squeak” in panic, which is kinda cute. With those squeaks they also talk with each other. Or, basic communication. I don't think they are smarter than a cat or a dog.

I decided to call them Fleshoes, because they look like shoes but are actually made out flesh, you know? It's neat.

Background: No idea. I just found out about them the other day, like, four months ago. Sometimes a cat or dog gets hurt by them, and sometimes a homeless person tries one on and hurts or loses their foot, but no one ever believes what they say. I mean, why would anyone? Well, I did, mainly because that guy actually showed me the shoe. You can read my interview with him below - not that you have to, but I think it's pretty neat.

Location and Population: There's little groups of them living here and there near garbage. I never saw them anywhere except for Montana, because I never really travel. Maybe they live elseplace. If you see them anywhere where I don't live, please add that somewhere in this file.

All the garbage is sort of like camouflage for the shoes, because they look like really cheap and old footwear. More than two, less than ten in one place, usually. Except that one colony in a landfill. There were like dozens of them. If any wild animals needed something to eat over there, I had them covered for a few days (I hope they were careful about the acid). Always think of the normal wildlife, Warders. This whole business isn't just about killing.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: You probably aren't going to find them unless you actively look for them, or dumpster dive like I do. Many people ignore old shoes often, so I guess that's why there's no public knowledge of them at all. They just sit around most of the time, doing nothing, even if you get near them. If you kick them lightly, they'll squeak, which is what I recommend doing. Use a good knife to kill them, because their skins are just as sturdy as leather. Or stomp on them a few times. Up to you, honestly.

Don't stick anything you don't want to lose into their mouths. Their fangs, in combination with the strong acid, make the mouths really nasty. But you can put other stuff into them, like metal, or bleach, if you don't want to get messy killing them. Get creative!

Encounter Records:

Additional Notes: One time, I tried to keep one as a pet. It was small, like child-size, and part of some group behind the dumpsters of a Walmart. I thought it was cute, so I took it and stomped a few times on the others to get rid of them. Sorry to that poor employee who had to clean that mess up afterwards. Tiffany - that's what I called the shoe - was squeaking the whole time, pretty loudly at that. It was really quite something.

So, I took her home, and locked her in my storage closet. I actually wanted to keep Tiffany in my bedroom, but I didn't want her to do something while I slept, so I settled with the next best thing. She didn't eat anything I gave her (Do they even eat? I don't know), didn't drink anything either, and she constantly tried to squeeze itself through the gap under the door. Obviously, I tried teaching her tricks and making her trust me, but she just squeaked non-stop and tried hiding from me. My neighbors started complaining about the noise (I live in an apartment), so I drowned her in the nearby river because I didn't want to make a mess. I think she drowned - maybe they can breathe underwater, I don't know.

Not recommended as pets, in any case.


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