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Grootslang, Elephant-Snake, Ears

Description: Elephant head on a snake. Ugly. Big ears. Beady, yellow-gem eyes. Sharp teeth. Big ears. Scaly. Shits gemstones. Mostly shit though. Half-corporeal. Leaves behind big single tracks. No slithering. Straight tracks. Sounds like rumbling. Hundred rattles at once. - Turtle-1

There’s no way just that will be good enough of a description! And you don’t need to tag your name after everything you write either. - Turtle-2

Ganesha is a large grey serpent with an elephant head. Ganesha's tracks are at least twenty (20) feet1 in width. The length is unknown.

The aberrant has two massive tusks that point downward. Ganesha uses these appendages to gore prey and bring them back to its nest.

When not in contact with corporeal prey, Ganesha is intangible. Aberrant becomes corporeal when striking and retrieving prey, thus generally leaving only one set of tracks. Ability to carry prey as heavy as a three (3) tons2 indicates exceptional strength. Aberrant has been observed splintering trees simply by coiling around them.

Ganesha has large topaz gemstones inset around its eyes as well as clear gemstones scattered around the main body. Mouth is capable of unhinging and swallowing a elephant whole. Does not make trumpeting sounds, unfortunately. I'm sad about that.

Background: Warders first sighted Ganesha forty (40) years ago in Adirondack State Park near Albany, NY. Society members have nicknamed the aberrant a Hindu god due to its appearance and the prevalent Indian population in the New York area. Volunteers of the Society knowledgeable in Hindu folklore have speculated that the aberration’s presence in the state is a direct result of the Hindu/Buddhist population. Unsubstantiated rumors have also drawn a connection between Ganesha and a large serpentine cryptid that reportedly disappeared at the same time as the aberrant’s first sighting.

Warders tracking Ganesha have recently (within the last decade) reported that the aberrant has markedly changed in both appearance and behavior. In the past, Ganesha was described as a creature dressed in extravagant gilded robes, bearing four arms, a crown, and capable of speech in an unknown language3. In addition, Ganesha was never observed hunting, drinking, or eating. Recent observations have reported that the aberrant’s remaining robes are now filthy and torn. All arms have disappeared through unknown means. Starting in 2008, Ganesha has begun hunting for prey and has gradually increased the frequency of such hunts. Prey has escalated from rabbits and birds to deer and finally to elephants from the New York zoo. In addition, Ganesha is suspected to be behind several Norman disappearances.

Ganesha matches the description for a fabled South African cryptid said to also be the combination of an elephant and a snake. I don’t know anything about the connection between the two, but I’m sure it doesn’t matter that much. No clear connection has been drawn between the two, but keep an eye out for it.

Location and Population: Ganesha lives in an unmarked cave within the forested area of Adirondack State Park in New York. Access to the cave is restricted to a single blocked-off deer trail. Ganesha’s trails can generally be used to track the aberrant back to its nest within the cave. Nest contains bits and pieces of its old robe and is constructed of boulders. Nest is partially submerged and has a spire in the middle that Ganesha coils around while resting. Stalagmites have mostly been knocked over and strewn off to the sides of the cave. Droppings within the cave potentially do contain precious gems. Ganesha is likely the only entity of its kind in the area.

Straight cave. Slight downhill. Water-carved. Little stream flows though. Could maybe poison. Alternate entrance up hill. Dug in. Little ledge. Really bad light. Can’t see after sundown. Nest. Middle of cave. Good place to take a shot. It knows about spot. Tolerates watching. When not hungry, at least. Entrance to cave, soft soil. Can dig a pit. Weak rocks on top. Good explosion could cave in. Lotsa bats. Outside of a cave clearing. Aberrant could rampage there. Best to put not too far out. Too much movement to dispel. Could easily knock trees over around. Don’t trust ‘em.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Clever fucker. Recognizes guns. Fast. Strong. Don’t know about scent. Sensitive to light. Can’t shoot incorporeal. Can’t hit you either. Need to wait. Once it’s gored something. Keeps its tusks out of commission. Takes too long to pull anything off. Makes a sound. Rattles. Becomes tangible. Doesn’t hit first. Thick skull. Could ram a car. Flatten it. It’s eating. Hit it hard. Fast. Two outfits. At least.

Update as of August

Based on the info we received from the pandits in the New York area, Ganesha has been reclassified as a metaph. We have also received info on a ritual that would likely dispel the aberrant. The steps are as follows:

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Additional Notes:
Background update - August 2018

Hindu contacts within the Society have offered a much clearer view of the metaph’s history. Once a sufficient amount of Hindus had immigrated into the state of New York, the temples were given sanction to perform a ritual to summon a divine aspect of the Hindu god Ganesha, god of knowledge and overcoming obstacles. They performed this ritual forty (40) years ago. The aspect possessed the body of an existing serpent cryptid during the ritual. For three decades, the aspect of Ganesha was a benevolent entity offering wisdom, prophecies, and divine assistance to the Hindu community in New York and the United States as a whole. However, due to the lack of believers and the proximity to New York City - a so-called “den of iniquity” - Ganesha gradually became corrupted by the vices. Eventually, Ganesha became almost completely stripped of its divinity and devolved into a semi-corporeal aberrant with an insatiable hunger. The temples maintain that while vicious, it has barely enough sense to avoid eating normans en masse, only eating normans or warders when they are unlucky enough to stumble across it accidentally.

Due to how dicey the situation was getting, the Hindu temples contacted us. It might slip further and finally just transform into a town-eating monster. Believe me - me and the pandits are doing the god a mercy.

They actually gave us some stuff to work with though, which is nice. We received the necessary information for rituals and some useful artifacts. Email me to get them; the goodies are six (6) blessed Lotus Charms that should prevent it from outright crushing you and some incense to mask your scent. The charms are apparently anathema to the metaph and burn Ganesha's skin if it gets too close, so maybe there are some offensive capabilities. Happy hunting!


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