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Description: The Lotus Charms are trinkets blessed by an adherent of Dharma and a Sanskrit pandit of New York. They are small, etched discs of stainless steel metal attached to bracelets and necklaces, making them easily hidden in plain sight. The etchings usually depict the Dharmachakra1 enshrined by a lotus flower.

The charms have several properties that constitute their identification as aberrational artifacts. To the ordinary viewer, the charms appear to be no more than tourist items sold by temple vendors on a street corner. However, these particular charms are all identical in composition, forged into steel from the same meteorite iron ore. The discs are approximately 3.3cm2 in diameter and 2mm3 thick. Besides these mundane aspects, Lotus Charms grant several minor supernatural abilities: low-level light emission, water purification, and warding of evil or duplicity.

The activation of two of these abilities, light emission and water purification, requires knowledge of the Vedic prayers, specifically a reading of the Nasadiya Sukta4 from the Rigveda5. Lotus Charms emit a low level of light of around 10 lumens when the prayers are recited, no better than a candle, and will continue to do so as long as the prayer is repeated. If submerged in water for the full duration of a prayer recitation, it will render the water safe for consumption no matter how polluted. This purification only affects small volumes of water, something around a liter's worth. Both of these abilities activate at the same time, so placing it in water and reciting the prayer will also cause it to glow. The last ability is passive, allowing the trinket to heat when touching an evil entity, burning only that entity. There have been no lab settings to indicate how hot these temperatures can get, but they can burn certain spirits as well.

Background: Meteorite ores from Uttar Pradesh, India were mined and transported to New York under the commission of an allied yogi, Amar Singh, in 1967. Singh produced 108 Lotus Charms for his personal purposes in the subsequent year where his close friends saw him grow paler and thinner with the creation of each charm. He told them shortly before he died:

"The universe is a disc."

Singh passed away in 1968, but not before distributing the Lotus Charms to various Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, and other Dharmic faiths' temples in the Albany area of New York. He gave them to specific people, who he entrusted to keep the powers of the charms a secret, something they or their families have continued to do to this day. Six of these trinkets were passed down as heirlooms into the possession of an ally to the Turtle Outfit in the early 2000s, following the resurgence of Ganesha. Those six have been passed around the Albany circles, used to corral and ward off the metaph.

Location and Population: 108 charms exist, but only ten have been procured by Warders, including the six that were first located. They are kept by individual outfits, but tracked by Albany County's local DCC. One charm has also been tracked, but is not under Society control because it's laying on the bottom of the Hudson River.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: The only way to procure Lotus Charms is to know someone who knows someone who has one in their possession. Procured charms cannot be moved out of the state of New York by order of the North East Regional Council of the United States (NERC-US). Any charms found outside the state are considered forgeries, so don't trust those sources.

The Bahane rituals and Acrylic Trail Cameras can also be used to access approximate remote-viewing storage locations, but provide only cursory information of the immediate areas Lotus Charms are stored in. Information from shallow Diggings point towards little about the locales, while Climbing rituals do give adequate information when combined with the Trail Cameras, but are much too risky to perform.

Physically locating them is one half, physically retrieving them is another. Not all of Singh's trusted associates are allies to Warders and will deny their existence. The Grave Digger outfits can provide useful connections to finding out who his associates are. It's not a good idea to anger the guardians of the charms, or cause suspicion by stealing any from them, as that will alert the unitiated to the Society's presence. Only obtain the ones that have no guardians and if you're willing, you can try to retrieve the one in the Hudson.

Encounter Records: The following is a copy of the list that Albany's DCC has provided towards the known locations of the Lotus Charms:

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