Men In Black
Men In Black
A picture of what are believed to be the Men In Black accompanying President John F. Kennedy.
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png Uninvited Guests, Bureau Bodygaurds

Description: The Men in Black are aberrants that appear as two identical men, standing at almost seven feet tall and - as their name suggests - dressing in austere black business attire. They have pale skin, unnaturally large eyes, a deep monotone, and faces that are waxy and plastic. Some unsettled Warders have pointed out that they never appear to blink; to which I like to reply, "Really? That's what unsettles you about them? Not the fact that the room drops an entire 10 degrees when they walk in? Or that the lights flicker around them?”

These "men" have been confirmed to be employed by the Bureau. However, their exact function is unknown due to the Bureau's unrelenting confidentiality on the subject. Of course, the Society has unofficially speculated that their function is mainly interrogation, intimidation, or "advanced interrogation" of Normans who are outspoken about the existence of the paranormal, the Bureau, and the Society.

They are sometimes seen acting as bodyguards for Bureau personnel on business matters with certain Society outposts. When guarding, the aberrants generally do nothing except stand around menacingly and snarl. Their presence in a room makes everyone uncomfortable - likely why the Bureau brings them to meetings with them whenever they have business with the Society. The Society has literally never entertained the idea of attacking the Bureau and likely never will.

It's to be noted that the current designation as Evergreen is extremely contentious among warders. However, keep in mind the topic of the Men in Black is forbidden at any state or national Society campfires. Partially out of respect for our colleagues at the Bureau, but mainly due to my own personal annoyance at colleagues arguing over the designation. If you want a more accurate representation of their type, then go ask them yourself. Tell us how it works out for you.

Background: In the early years of the Bureau, the Men in Black have been employed as a catch-all for dealing with Normans who had encounters with aberrants. However, at its conception, the Bureau was much less skilled in the entire subterfuge business than it is today. There was a lot of footage from the '50s and '60s of these guys just being thugs. Thus, these missteps have cemented the Men in Black in their role in popular culture1. However, as a beneficial side-effect, only Normans who were hysterical about ET's reported their existence. The Bureau has leaned into this role, fully embracing the paranoid and conspiratorial nature of these rumors. Today, as a result, nobody can reveal that they were visited by these aberrations or they face ridicule at being another conspiracy/UFO nut.

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One such instance of a MIB video leak. Clickable.

In the preceding video - grainy as it is - the Men in Black are dressed in black suits and trench coats. They also appear exactly the same as in other, much older videos, suggesting immortality. Hence, tentatively Evergreen. I can hear you whiners screeching already, I am not changing this article, and neither are you allowed to request access to the article to make “grammar fixes”.

Location and Population: It is unknown how many Men In Black exist, but there are two confirmed instances.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Some members of the Society are vocally opposed to the notion of being required to accommodate the MIB if they request to observe your hunt. While understandably creepy, remember; these guys can tear a bear's head off with their bare hands. And yours, probably. We also have to play nice with the Bureau because we're "friends" now apparantely according to the Great Circle.

Personally, I would feel much safer with one of these guys watching my back. Certainly better then them tailing you afterwards out of spite.

Update: As of now, this aberrant has been reclassified as a cryptid because the Society is full of bellends that can't accept a classification they disagree with.


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