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Baphomet, Fell Goat, Furfur, Woodstock, The Reveler, The Hellcaller

Description: Ever hear the distant whistle of a pipe? Of course, if you're deep in the woods you'd want to try and see what all the fuss is about. You'd go straight onto the cobblestone paths and go deeper and deeper into the wood; hoping to find that damn source. It's almost like a trance and you just want to know where that beautiful, soothing music comes from.

And when you step into the clearing? You see this guy sitting crosslegged on a big boulder or maybe just regularly on a stump with a bunch a' critters surrounding him like a fairy tale princess. This guy right here? His name's Pan.

Pan - this guy's been around for a long, long time now. From the Ars Goetia, to the dryads of Greek myth, Pan's been around longer than you can imagine. He's a tall one; around solid seven feet and he's made out of sticks, twigs, and twine. The horns and the hooves are real though. We don't really know why he looks like a satyr made of sticks, but that doesn't mean he's a frail bastard.

The thing with Pan is that whenever you hear calliope music, it sounds… wonderful. Like, a siren's song to the ears. You search for the source and hope that you'd find it by following the music. We think that Pan can affect the environment just by simply existing. Testimonies from the survivors claim that they usually wander off into some part of the forest that they've never noticed before. Even if these guys know these woods like the backs of their hands.

It gets a little weirder though. It seems the goat doesn't just affect the environment he's in; as soon as he plays the flute, he affects… well, he affects reality itself. People say that their senses becomes a hundred times more acute. They get dizzy, experience faint spells an' start hallucinating weird colorful orbs and prismatic rainbows around them. They start seeing the animals all around them turn into these weird, half-naked people covered in fur and animal parts. Stags, foxes, birds, and even fish start talking to them and turn into these things. Suddenly, you'll find yourself partying with these folks. Drinking wine from chalices and eating cooked meat from a fire.

This is the part where things get progressively worse.

People that stay in the little circle are going to experience and do… unsavory shit. Survivors claim that they see the animals eating each other alive and fucking each other. Sometimes, simultaneously. Other animals join in, standing on hind legs and dancing with maddening chants of Pan's name all in distorted unison. The whole party goes on for as long as the person can prevent themselves from blacking out. And when they do? They wake up in the same spot with no apparent memory of the event but a vivid recollection of what supposedly happened the night before.

Background: Like I said, Pan's been around for a long time. Though, we are pretty skeptical on him since he's not supposed to be made of sticks and he uses the wrong flute to play; what he does is pretty similar to what the legends entail so we just assume this is him. There are multiple references to his status as a nature spirit and such, despite what he's made of. He acts very much like what satyrs do in mythology: Holding parties and being general merrymakers. Unlike most satyrs though, he doesn't participate in sexual activities around women or anyone that looks female.

Location and Population: Pan is always jumping from forest-to-forest. Never caught or captured, but sometimes people are just barely able to get a good look at him. He's most often seen around the forests of Ohio and Oregon. He doesn't have a home, so it's safe to assume he's nomadic.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Pan is a clever, cunning, wily fucker. Always one step ahead of the rest and seemingly disappears just before you think you've got him. The only way to track him is to listen for the sound of calliope music. As much as you can, resist the urge to go into the woods when you do hear it, you have to keep some spare earmuffs or any noise-cancelling equipment on you at all times when you're trying to find him. Report the noise and follow with your fellow warders into the source and shoot on sight.

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