Rotten Children
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Other Names
”Moulders”, ”Rotters”

Description: Rotten Children (which will be referred to as "moulders" in this article for easier identification) are dangerous beings that resemble juvenile females. They appear incredibly malnourished, with most of their skin covered in a black and green coating, which emits a strong penicillin scent. Their bone structure seems able to be both rigid and flaccid, which, combined with their small size, allows them to fit in tight places with low or non-existent illumination.

When these aberrants are present, black mould will start to form around the places they frequent, such as ventilation systems, ceilings, closets, basements, or any place with moderate to high humidity and low light. It's highly recommended that the mould is eliminated alongside the aberrant, since it's known to be extremely toxic and has the ability to release microscopic spores that adhere to any surface it touches, including skin. When organic tissue gets in contact with these spores for a long period of time, the tissue will start to present multiple rashes, which will then lead into shedding, and lastly, necrosis. After the tissue dies, black mould will begin to grow in the affected area1.

Moulders will normally evade detection by hiding in hard to reach spots, but once confronted, will defend themselves by scratching their attackers with sharp bones protruding from the end of their fingers. They may also try to bite, and it can lead to serious infection once their teeth pierce the first layers of the skin.

Background: The first recorded encounter dates back to 1948, when an old couple living on the outskirts of Dundee, Florida were found dead in their house and were discovered by their son, who was worried after not being contacted by them for weeks. Emerald-5, a Warder working as a deputy for the Dundee police department, went to investigate the scene, and found one of the four Moulders that inhabited the house, feeding on the tissue of the elderly couple.

"I swear to Jesus I haven't seen anything like that before. Them things looked like lil' girls, but had black shit all 'round them, and smelled like hell-on-earth. And their faces…..their lil' faces…..they looked like they were 'bout to melt. If God made these things, I never wanna see what the Devil has been up to"
- Emerald-5, when asked to describe the encounter with these creatures.

A week later, more instances of encounters with Moulders slowly started appearing all across rural Florida, and soon after, across three different states of Southern America.

Location and Population: They appear in any place where humidity and low light can be found, and have a tendency to prefer rural areas over urban ones, although there have been instances of Moulders appearing in old or abandoned apartments in densely populated areas. Caution is advised when handling them near Normans.
It is widely known they are able to replicate, although how they do it is still a mystery.

"If there's one, there's two, and if you find two, there may be four. If you let them be, those four will turn into sixteen.”
- Copperhead-1, instructing Red Ryders on Moulder hunting

Hunting or Procurement Methods: An easy way to identify a Moulder invasion is by looking out for the characteristic black mould that appears when they are stationed in place for more than twelve hours. This mould can be found under carpets, in ceilings, corners, inside cupboards, or any humid place. After locating the aberrants, shooting and dismemberment is the easiest way of dealing with them, since their body structure is pretty fragile and easily succeptible to damage.

It's necessary for Warders to cover all exposed skin and use gas masks to protect themselves against the spores that may be floating around due to the mould, and a decontamination bath is highly suggested after dealing with these creatures. When the aberrants have been eradicated, the mould should go away after a couple of days or weeks, depending on how severe the infestation was. If this is not the case, a decontamination outfit should be deployed to deal with it and employ the use of fire, and acidic chemicals.

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