The Carolina Catmen
The Carolina Catmen
A Catman taking on a quadrupedal stance.
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Description: The Carolina Catmen, or just "Catmen" for short, are intelligent Aberrants that more or less look like walking bobcats. That said, they can take on a quadrupedal stance, making identification difficult. Unlike normal bobcats, their limbs and toes are about as flexible as a humans's, allowing them greater dexterity. Catmen are also able to talk, albeit with a thick "meowy" accent. Most are fluent in local forms of Siouan, Iroquoian, and Algic. Coincidentally, they seem to have formed communities similar to the Indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands. These communities are very localized, and usually hold negative opinions of each other. They and are always seeking new members for their communities in the form of house cats. Once a house cat is fully indoctrinated, it will posses the same abilities as a Catman. Due to this, the Society has formed alliances with select Catmen communities for the purpose of generating specialized Catman Warders out of house cats previously owned by Society members.

Background: The existence of Catmen came to light when multiple Warders living in the Carolinas went out on a search for their missing house cats. What they discovered were two Catmen attempting, and failing, to teach the missing cats how to walk upright. After noticing the Warders, the Catmen ran away, leaving the missing cats alone.

Soon an Outfit was dispatched for the sole purpose of finding whatever Aberrant was messing with the missing cats. Eventually, they found a community of Catmen, with multiple house cats among them. That community would have been blasted into oblivion right then and there if there wasn't a Cherokee in the Outfit who understood what the Carmen's screams actually meant. The Outfit and Catmen had a long discussion after that. The discussion was mainly about the structure of the Catmen's communities, and their motives. Since then, many other Catman encounters followed.

Location and Population:
Catmen are located in the Carolinas, as well as limited portions of surrounding states. Due to their resemblance to normal bobcats, estimating their populations is difficult. That said, rough borders can be drawn around sites of contention between rival communities. A few of these communities are currently allied with the Society in the Appalachian Mountains.

Hunting or Procurement Methods:
When multiple missing cat incidents are reported in the the local news in the Carolinas, it's a good sign that you should start hunting for Catmen. In accordance to an agreement with our allied Catmen, no undiscovered Catman is to be killed unless necessary. Instead, undiscovered Catman are to be captured alive. While Catmen are intelligent, modern technology confuses them, so a standard live animal trap will do the the trick when it comes to capturing them. Once trapped, an attempt at negotiation should be made. A Catman will be uncooperative unless spoken to in local forms of Siouan, Iroquoian, and Algic. It is recommended, but not required, that a Catman Warder handles the negotiation process. The Catman must be convinced that indoctrinating house cats without consent is wrong, and that the Catman's community should ally with the Society's allied communities in order to recruit willing house cats. If the Catman agrees, it is to be freed in order to inform its community's leaders. If no progress is made during the negotiation process within 24 hours, that Catman is to be euthanize and its body incinerated.

Encounter Records:
On July 2nd, 2015 a captured Catman claimed to have knowledge of the nature of the Dagwanoeient, but this claim was later proven dubious after speaking with its community's leaders. Research is still ongoing as to the exact relatioship between Catmen and Eastern Native folklore.

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