The Corkscrews
Last known photo of Aaron, Darlene, and Jane Stonecypher from left to right. [PHOTO LOCKED FROM EDITS]
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blank.png Headleakers, Black Gunkers, and the Dinner Guests

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Description: The Corkscrews are humanoid aberrants that reside in the backwoods of Alabama. We believe they used to be a family of occultists. Due to their cautious and aloof nature, only seven two have been sighted. As far as outward appearance is concerned, they look like you or I. However, their ears are known for chronic bleeding; the liquid looks and smells like something akin to formaldehyde or black ichor. Often, they're sighted with corkscrew handles outside of their ears, with the metallic helix (the worm) piercing inside of their ear canals. Hence their namesake

Autopsies performed by the late Aaron Stonecypher described the fluid as a semi-solid substance. Anatomy-wise, they don't have bones. It looks like the fluid replaces the entire skeletal structure of the current body they inhabit. Smells like raw sewage and roadkill.

The Corkscrews do not propagate offspring. Instead, they simply move from one body to another. Thus, why Normans and Warders find stray gangrenous skins that look like garbage bags from afar every-so-often in Montgomery or Prattville.

They’re similar to skinwalkers in the sense they can think and talk like us.

UPDATE: The Corkscrews exhibit a wide-range of eccentric behaviors and erratic movements, making them obvious in broad daylight; described by some warders as “white ghost costumes with an unusual gait.”

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Background: Intel suggests the Corkscrews were once the Watkins family, who were owners of the plantation known as Edgewood in Montgomery, Alabama. Shortly after the house was built in 1821, the patriarch of the household, Zachariah T. Watkins, commissioned a hidden tunnel underneath the basement.

A resident outfit named the “Montgomery Mortarmen” explored the enclosure time seemingly forgot. Upon opening the entryway, it led down a long, spiral staircase, with each step made from old timber and compact soil. There were rectangular inlets made of soil and rock carved into the walls. Inside of these inlets, there were decorative fixtures made from human bone. Sternums, ribs, and clavicle bones were fastened into the wall and melded together with some form of amber. The final product appeared like crude, outstretched "wings". The Egyptian hieroglyphics chiseled into the clavicles seemed like various birds. Skulls had grafts of pelvic and hip bone hammered into the forehead, in the pattern of a crown, with dried blood painting the forehead in Latin.

The outfit eventually reached a living-quarters of sorts resembling a catacomb. On the ceiling of the room was a crudely composed fresco with hexagonal patterns - with mummified ears intersecting curves and angles of the design - cascading outward from an inscription at the center.

It read as follows.

“Thrice-greatest Hermes, flight of Hermopolis!
We humble servants call your two great forms,
to hear God,
to listen to the cosmos.
Impregnate the mind,
flood the skulls; wisdom to fly.
Let our family leap and soar
from skin to skin.

ACCOUNT: The hidden god-forsaken pit, what appeared to be a wine cellar came to view. Guess what? The wine bottles were filled to the brim with that black ichor crap. Each aligned next to beds with emaciated bodies; some were just skins by that point. Their suits and dresses indicated they were not slaves, but perhaps other plantation owners. We have exact coordinates The tunnel, stairs, wine-cellar and the plantation itself was lost in a fire. Nothing remains.

-MM-02 on 2013/01/18

Last updated by Carol Webber.

ACCOUNT: Check the footage we Unfortunately, the tapes were lost recently. However, I and Carol saw the tapes a few times and it appeared that the Corkscrews were far less "human" in appearance than what was previously cited. They sort of spoke incoherently, like a garbled analog tape recording.

-MM-07 on 2013/01/18

Last updated by Arnold Webber.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: The Corkscrews, usually aided with several or more members of their kind, select families by day and hunt by night.

ACCOUNT: Security networks reveal they have a preference for isolated Norman families in the outback, far enough where ARs and rifles are outright required for security and hunting. They're oddly cordial predators and they're favored prey are Warders. These will nearly-always, and without exception, attempt to persuade families with the sole goal of being invited as a guest; possibly an old-world habit. Most don't even know how to talk, much less reason. The reason why they knock on doors and try to coerce people to let them in is unclear. Fighting them's easy. Detecting them is the hard part. They're nighttime predators — always darting out and in again in the corner of your eyes. So when the "charm initiative" fails, the Corkscrews skulk back, somewhere between 2300 and 0400 hours.

-MM-07 on 2013/01/16

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They will attempt to bypass secure entryways without alerting residents; sometimes compressing their bodies to conform to small openings found on the exterior of the household, as a method of egress.

Once inside, the Corkscrews search for unconscious victims. Should a Corkscrew member find prey, it initiates predation practices:

  • by aligning parallel with the victim's ear;
  • methodically unscrewing the corkscrew from its own ear;
  • tapping the opposite end of its cheek with its left-or-right palm;
  • leaking viscous fluids into the victim's ear.

The last step occurs over a span of an hour. The victims experience chronic ear infections, leakages, and tinnitus within the first few minutes, which only gets worse past this point. The fluids flush out their bones with organs drastically and painfully altered until they ultimately expire.

Near-universally, the number of cadavers that emerge from these transference events match the same number of Corkscrews who entered the household. For example, a family of five who are terrorized by two Corkscrews are eventually going to die, but only two Corkscrews rise afterward in fresh skin-suits from the cadavers. It is unclear how this selection process occurs.

We highly suggest using improvised explosives, as bullets only stun them. Those other, far-more esoteric weapons other Warders have been bandying around as a means of executing them don't work.

Encounter Records:

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