The Night Bear
The Night Bear
Night Bear seen stalking its prey from a distance
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blank.png Ghost Bear, Nacht Bär, Moon Bear

The Night Bear is a nocturnal Grizzly bear, weighing in at 600-700 pounds and is 6-7 feet tall, but this one in particular has distinct scarring; It appears to have multiple gunshot wounds as well as perforations and claw marks covering its back and face. This particular bear has been reported in the local park for the past 70 years. For reference, the average life span of a bear is merely 20 years, 25 with some good conditioning.

All attempts to hunt and capture the bear have failed, just the same with all the attempts to hunt and kill it. The bear is not explicitly hostile, but it can and will kill if harassed. It does appear to have the need to eat, and is also able to be wounded, but it can never die; Warders have "Emptied entire hunting rifle clips" into the Night Bear, with little to no result. Most shockingly, there have been reports that this bear is capable of human vocalizations which may not be particularly accurate, but it is capable of mimicking human speech patterns.

This has disturbing implications, as it indicates that it may have a higher thought process than the average bear.

First reported in the area by German Immigrants in 1949, it was called "Das Nacht Bar" which was translated into "The Night Bear". It has been responsible for many deaths and is assumed to be responsible for many disappearances as well; The local populace knows about it, and some of the Native Americans hint that it may have been around for much, much longer than 1949, perhaps dating back to the 1700's or even further, It is spoken of as a legend in Native American circles. One man of a distinct and powerful Blackfoot heritage told us that "The Bear is an ancient forest spirit, one of passive strength and power, one of primal energy", this is supported by the destruction it seems to be capable of. Victims of the Night Bear are left in shreds and often only partially eaten, and it even seems capable of knocking down large trees and completely cutting through smaller ones.

Location and Population:
There appears to be only one, but this estimate is iffy since it seems to be a solitary creature and there has only ever been one seen at a time. It generally patrols the forest, and it is still yet to be known where it hides during the winter and during the day since all attempts at tracking it are futile- It seems to know how to avoid being tracked. It appears to hunt and travel all through out the Montana/Canadian border in a wide swath of land, about 10 kilometers in diameter, originating from the Wild Horse Border Crossing between Montana and Canada.

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Approximate Night Bear sighting range.

Hunting or Procurement Methods:
While there has been no way shown to actually kill the Night Bear, it is possible to trap it. On 4 different occasions, Warders and Rangers have managed to anger the bear and trick it into chasing them into a trap. It only worked temporarily since the Night Bear possesses unnatural strength. It tore through rope with ease, broke solid oak wood, and was even able to bend solid steel bars with its teeth— meaning that it may have one of the most powerful bite forces on the planet. Further investigation required.

Encounter Records:
None stick out particularly, since all those who are attacked generally die and all the others are mere sightings- although I was contacted by a Ranger who claimed to have survived an attack by the Night Bear, barely. He had been on patrol when he had decided to investigate some noise off in the brush, as is up to par for a Ranger who are naturally curious creatures, when he spotted that it was a bear eating someone, he quickly shouldered his rifle and fired at the bear. He knew it wouldn't do any good so he continued to fire, lo and behold, it did nothing to the bear, this revealed to the Ranger that this was no ordinary bear; then, the Night Bear was on top of him, mauling him. He had lost an arm, an eye, a leg, and a lot of other things in the attack but the Night Bear was "merciful" and decided that it had better things to do, and left him. He was lucky to be found by a passing Warder. He left me with this comment:
"I've seen lots of animals, I've stared into the eyes of wolves, coyotes, owls, bears, and even some monsters that god decided to hide inside the forest. But the Night Bear? I've never seen eyes like that. There was power in those eyes. Power that I've never seen before."

Additional Notes:
I suggest that no warders hunt the Night Bear seeing as it's immortal, just a thought.
—Clerk Jacob

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