The Octopot
Threat Level
Active Status
Other Names
Octopot; Tentapot; Teapot

Description: The Aberration resembles a plain clay teapot. It's round, about 14 cm in height and 16 cm in length1. The word “tea” is (rather sloppily) engraved on the Aberration’s muddy green surface eight times in traditional Chinese2. Only few signs of use and age are visible, consisting mainly of little scratches on the handle and a small crack on the lid. Thorough examination was not possible due to the nature of the Aberration, however, these difficulties have revealed that such information is not needed to know that it is, in fact, dangerous. This danger is only partially based on its highly unusual sturdiness, which allows it to withstand high velocity impacts with anything.

Aside from the anomalous resilience, the Aberration exhibits other, more notable properties. For one, it's a non-Euclidean3 vessel and/or shell of a creature apparently of the order Octopoda4, hence it's classification as Cryptid. This is not obvious upon superficial examination, as the creature typically rests inside the pot. For the purposes of not startling it and staying alive for a little while longer, Warders are to govern themselves according to the following:

  • staying at a distance of at least 1.5 m unless absolutely necessary
  • acting calmly, quietly, and slowly when in line of sight of the Aberration
  • not touching the Aberration unless absolutely necessary

Should the Aberration become active, an incredibly muscular tentacle between the approximated lengths of 1.5 m to 2.5 m5 will burst out of the opening and attack anything in its proximity. Though it can be hurt and damaged, its mobility, nigh unpredictable movement, and awesome strength make combat inadvisable at best. It should also be noted that the tentacle is highly venomous, maybe contesting even the potency of that of a typical, blue-ringed octopus6. This hypothesis is based merely on the only known victim to the toxin.

It's not clear if that is the Aberration’s sole tentacle, if there are multiple, or if an entire creature is lurking within the literally twisted depths of the teapot. Attempting to take a look inside has proven futile, as the lid could not be moved and eventually led to the tentacle lashing out.

Lastly, the Aberration does not seem to require any nourishment, nor does it produce waste, which is unusual, given its apparent need for rest.


The Aberration was first discovered during a display of aggression in an antiques shop, having been sold by a vague man on the day before. While the Bureau was contacted to investigate that individual, we agreed that I would be the one containing it in exchange for research data from my own work on other Aberrations. For the following week this Aberration has been contained and studied in my own residence, before managing to escape without a trace.

Location and Population: The Aberration’s current whereabouts are unknown. It has last been seen in Missoula, Montana and is the only known specimen.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Because the Aberration has only ever been observed in either violent escape attempts or confinement, its true behavior, natural environment (if any), and overall aptitude are unknown. Blunt force does not seem to faze the Aberration in a notable way, so Warders are encouraged to be creative with attempts at neutralization upon encountering it. Any Warders interested in this particular Aberration may request receiving information on it as it's gathered at a DCC.

Encounter Records: N/A

Additional Notes: After continuously looking into the recordings I've made of the Aberration, I noticed that it seemed more agitated whenever I was carrying my tranquilizer gun. This might mean that it has some sense of sight and an understanding of the concept of such weaponry. I hypothesize that it could have seen something like that in action before, but that leads to the question of how its owner had originally acquired it, or rather why he would have sold it off intentionally at such a location. The Bureau offered no comment on that.


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