The Walking Men
The Walking Men
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Forest Giants

Description: The Walking Men are a species of giant, human-like creatures that are believed to reside in heavily forested areas in the state of California. They're usually around 200 feet tall, but the fact that they only come out at night and keep to the forests makes identification of unique physical attributes difficult. They wake up some nights and walk towards nearby cities. The Bureau usually intervenes before they can arrive, meaning any kind of tracking is essentially impossible.

Edit 6/15/14: I actually got a good look at one. I included the information below.
- Fire Hopper-3

Background: Information regarding their origins is scant at best. We haven't managed to find any references to creatures like them in the mythology of the indigenous tribes1, so its unlikely these things have been active for more than two hundred years.

The first encounter with the creatures made by the Wayward Society occurred in 1999 after an investigation of the Big Bar Complex wildfire. The incident was suspected of being caused by the Bureau in an attempt to cover up aberrant activity within the forest, and during a covert investigation of the site, the severed and burned finger of a deceased creature was discovered. The finger was roughly one foot in length.

Following the incident, outfits have been irregularly commissioned to patrol areas of forest which have previously been affected by Bureau intervention. Outfits have also been commissioned to covertly assess areas affected by California wildfires for suspected aberrant activity.

Edit 6/15/14: New evidence suggests that the Walking Men are the creation of the Fringe group "Phoenix Initiative".
- Fire Hopper-3

Edit 6/16/14: The hell's the Phoenix Initiative?
- Anonymous

Location and Population: A count of the population of the Walking Men is currently impossible, due to the fact that they have never been observed together. What is known is that they live, hibernate, or manifest within dense forest areas in California and begin to travel towards the nearest city between the hours of 11 PM and 4 AM.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Combat tactics are currently unavailable due to lack of engagement with the entities. Information about hunting methods is currently in high demand.

Edit 6/15/14: You'd probably want to set up a trip-wire trap to get it to fall over. They don't seem to care that much about what's in front of them.
- Fire Hopper-3

Encounter Records:

Additional Notes: Currently, it is advised that all Warders attempting to combat, investigate, or otherwise encounter one of the Walking Men bring adequate means to vacate the area as quickly as possible to avoid being caught in the Bureau's arial bombardment.

Investigation into the fate of Joice Tremetra is ongoing is no longer of any concern.


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