Time Travel Tesla
Time Travel Tesla
Why did we censor that license plate again?
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png Knockoff DeLorean, His Lords Vehicle, Elon's Plan to save us all

Description: A warning to anyone who can't do well with conspiracies, this one really goes down the rabbit hole. You've been warned. This object is a Tesla Model S car.12 The car itself acts just like a regular one - with the difference being two major things:

  1. There's a mechanical part next to the battery. The part itself manages to infinetly power the battery, and it is assumed to be an aberration.3
  2. There's a second lever next to the hand brake, parallel to it.

When the second lever isn't pulled, the car operates normally. The second lever can only be pulled if the car is going below 88 miles per hour. Should the lever be pulled, the mechanical part will make a very high-pitched tone.4 Additionally, it will start glowing. Should a speed of 88 miles per hour be hit while the second lever is activated, the car itself will start glowing and heating up. After a period of about 3 seconds, the car will travel 10 years into the past.56

Background: The car itself was first discovered when a couple of other Warders saw and filmed it travel through time on the Interstate 5. This happened around ten years ago. It was then discovered that this car has been built by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla or SpaceX78 and founder of Paypal.

About 10 years ago, Hippyhunter-1 and Hippyhunter-2 came into contact with an older man claiming to be Hippyhunter-1 from a decade into the future. The future version of Hippyhunter-1 handed over the Tesla to the Hippyhunter outfit and gave the younger version of Hippyhunter-1 a new designation of Hippyhunter-4. Two years later, Elon Musk (or some of his crooks) managed to get the Tesla again, only for it to be stolen again eight years later by the naturally aged Hippyhunter-4, who was given that designation for his future self. He had become his future self. It's presumed Musk has probably built a new time travelling Tesla by now though, considering that the old stolen one is currently stuck in an eight year time loop. Thing is, we don't know what exactly happened in those eight years of radio silence. Elon could be up to all hell.

Location and Population: The car itself is in the time loop mentioned. Below is a chart of the basic timeline of the car's retrieval status.

Car timeline.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: After the 7th of February 2019, the date that Hippyhunter-4 managed to steal the Tesla, the Hippyhunters outfit are to focus their efforts elsewhere. We've wasted time on finding this damn car for about ten years9. If another one of these can be found (because we all know that Elon will make another one), we must either locate it ourselves or, if it's somewhere else in America, tell some other outfits to go look for it10.

Encounter Records: Below is the record of the current Hippyhunter-4 finding the Tesla.

Additional Notes: As of now, the 7th February 2019, Hippyhunter-4 has taken off to steal the Tesla. Time dictates he succeeds, and if he doesn't, I'll stop existing. So let's hope he does. Our main mission is gone - the Tesla has gone back in time together with Hippyhunter-4. We need to focus on something else now, find something new. It's time to move on.


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