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Description: Instances of this aberration appear in the form of indigenous peoples of western North America in varying age, gender, and build. They appear to be translucent and coloured pale blue/green with light wisps of smoke trailing behind them. Observations suggest that they move in accordance to the layout of terrain at the time of their death based on avoidance of most large rocks, any trees old enough to be of their time, and untouched landscape features. Additionally, the spectres will wander erratically at times, suggesting they are avoiding obstacles that were present at their time of death.
Upon encountering newer natural features in the environment, they will phase through them, much as expected of a typical "ghost". Aside from general exposure to Normans, the spectres pose a particular threat to any man made structures and materials. Upon encountering a man made the structure, the spectre will take no notice and continue to wander as though the terrain has been unchanged since the point of its death. Unlike with newer natural features, however, any particles of man-made materials that the aberration phases through or otherwise contacts will instantly turn to smoke of an unknown nature. Due to the difficulty of prolonged observations and the impossibility of capturing the aberrations, the extent to which human interaction with a material causes it to be effectively "man-made" is relatively unknown. This effect is particularly threatening in urban areas that have been constructed within the wandering radius of a spectre, causing numerous known cases of structural damage, the collapse of the one-grain silo in rural northern Washington, and the death/dismemberment of 3 campers near Crater Mountain, British Columbia.

Background: The "Wanderers" first came to the attention of the Society in 2006 following an investigation of the death and dismemberment of three campers near Crater Mountain, BC. As a former member of the Bureau, local deputy J. Blackmore (now Society informant Blackmore) recognised the aberrant nature of the deaths and contacted the Society. Upon taking control of the investigation, a small outfit of Warders was sent to assist him in identifying and destroying the aberration (see encounter logs 1-4). This investigation revealed little on the origin or creation of the spectres, however, the aid of a local aboriginal elder revealed that a ritual to banish the spectres can be accomplished if one can acquire the blood of a descendant of the spectre in question. Further questioning also revealed that within tribes known to produce such spectres, their presence and often identity is typically relatively common knowledge.

Location and Population: What little we know of the extent of the appearances of the Wanderers suggests that all known instances are isolated to the Ashnola people of British Columbia, Canada, and the Nooksack Tribe of Washington, United States. Reports matching the description of damage caused by the spectres suggests that they may have a wider range of appearance then the confirmed regions, however, the secrecy of most tribes when questioned about the spectres makes these suspicions difficult to confirm.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Presently the only known method of banishing this aberration is through a ritual involving the blood of a descendant of the spectre. To complete the ritual one must surround the spectre in a closed circle of the blood of a living descendant, at which time the spectre will temporarily stop walking, and will remain docile. Seeing as the spectres seem to avoid a completed circle it is not already inside, the suggested methodology to complete this circle is as follows; Study the wandering path of the spectre and create a semi-circle on a regularly used route. Wait for the spectre to enter it's the radius and complete the circle before it can exit the radius. Extreme caution is to be taken to avoid contact with the spectre during this process. Once in a docile state, the smoke of dried sage will cause the spectre to take on mortal properties, allowing it to be "killed" by conventional means, which will result in the body of the spectre turning entirely into its associated smoke and disappearing. Ranged weapons are recommended for the banishment of the spectre in order to avoid any accidental injuries should there be a flaw present in the ritual.

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Additonal Notes: No special gear is required for the observation or banishment of the Wanderers. The non hostile nature of the aberration, as well as the impossibility of shielding oneself from contact with it render all body armor and weapons useless. Facemasks are optional but recommended due to the unknown nature of the smoke they produce.


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