Dropa Disks
Dropa Disks
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Description: The aberration defined in this article (hereby referred to as Dropa Disks) are a set of archaic stone disks with a hole in the center. The artifacts have been described as “fleshy” and “cold” by those who have handled them. Each individual disk has a point in their center where they manifest some sort of property or power when human blood is poured over them.

Background: Attempts to thoroughly research the history of the disks reveal only that the aberrants were originally found in a cave somewhere by a Chinese researcher in the graves of “tiny, bloat-head” men where they proceeded to switch hands, traveling through Russia, and then ending up in the United States. Communities surrounding the speculation of these disks believed the artifacts to be of otherworldly origin.

Location and Population: It is unknown how many Dropa Disks exist and where they might be saved for the ones currently in possession of an undisclosed outfit. This secrecy has been specifically requested by their current outfit, citing that they are valuable and will likely be stolen. The Bureau has disclosed that it has one sample of the aberrant as well (see Bureau Incongruity Report #293 in “Additional Notes”).

Hunting or Procurement Methods: As it is an artifact, it is inanimate and can’t be hunted in the traditional sense. Rumors and word of mouth are to be used as clues when searching for Dropa Disks.

Encounter Records:
  • There are currently three more Dropa Disks within Society custody which have not been experimented with.

Additional Notes: In a recent attempt to try to become more open and welcoming to Society partnership, the Bureau has supplied documents detailing an aberrant they nickname the “Blood Stone Disks”. The description of these artifacts parallels very closely the "Dropa Disks" in possession of the Society. Relevant information from that document has been provided below.

Bureau Report: Incongruity - #293

Current Housing: Object Vault WV


Nicknamed “Blood Stone Disks” by researcher agent Martha Marks. The incongruity is a brownstone disk with a hole in its center. Incongruity is an object and exhibits effects once human blood is deposited onto its surface.

Incongruity has gone through analysis via radio-carbon dating. It has been determined it is around 12,000 years old.

It is noted that currently, O-WWS (Organization Wayward Society) has already documented incongruities similar to the one in Bureau custody. This information is available to Bureau personnel as it is a public record for all members of O-WWS and the Bureau.

Incongruity Probing Procedure Summary (3/3/07): #293

A Bureau volunteer (of which is a randomly selected inmate who wants to shorten their prison sentence) has agreed to be the volunteer in the probe referring to Incongruity #293 (Blood Stone Disk). The volunteer has agreed to take a dropper full of the volunteer’s own blood and deposit it onto the surface of the disk. The disk and the volunteer will be in a special subterranean probing chamber.

Incongruity Probing Procedure Results

The Incongruity probing session ended in success. The volunteer, upon completing what was required of them for the probe, set into place a reaction in which the center of the disk expands and then turns into a neon blue. After this change, the volunteer pleaded to be let out and their request was granted.

Shortly after the volunteer left the probing environment, a projection of a short humanoid with an enlarged head begins to appear along with audio of what is attributed to the humanoid projection. The speech of the humanoid is currently not understood. During the event, the humanoid showcased projections of other objects similar to #293 and then proceeded to pick each individual instance up along with putting up a number of its own fingers for each one, suggesting that it was conveying a selling point of some unknown currency. The incongruity then ceased activity.

Relevant Material:

O-WWS (“Wayward Society”) - A decentralized group of citizens who have taken to destroying, collecting, taming, and quelling incongruities. Currently, this organization has been evaluated and has been given a non-hostile status with a potential threat designation of 4 on the 1-5 threat level scale. Potentially predates the Bureau if current data is accurate.

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