The Bahane
The Bahane
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Description: The one who sees all but almost always only tells you about it if you could find it on your own. This best describes the Bahane and how it functions. The aberrant defined in this article, like most metaphs, is intangible. Little is known about the Bahane, whether it is alive, or whether it is merely the collective human unconscious.

The Bahane has been an instrumental tool for Society record-keeping, acting as a backup, an almost instantaneous form of communication, archiving important information, and sorting through nearby information. For the purposes of the Society, the information can include the memories of nearby Normans, books, server rooms, tape recordings, maps, the environment itself, the wind, etc.

On occasion, if one utilizes and interacts the Bahane pretty often, they will receive a vision or memory pertaining to a random event in someone's life, whether they are living or not, from either past or present. There is currently no reliable way to invoke this directly or receive a memory from an event we wish to know more about, unfortunately.

Although for the most part the Bahane itself is unknown to the public at large, various rituals which are similar enough to the Bahane can invoke it, although in an exponentially useless way. Such examples can be found in the Oujia Board and the few (true) fortune tellers who aren't the holders of some sort of aberrational power. Ironically, since the Bahane will not tell the future in any case, and talking to the dead that have passed on isn't one of its properties, at most it will slightly move things around and give off the illusion of some sort of prophetic or spectral effect. This is not to say that in all cases it couldn't be an actual spectre or some sort of entity which could actually tell the future.

Background: Whispers about a ritual that archived every bit of knowledge in the history of mankind were a common occurrence around anomalous investigation circles in the early 1800's. The tales talked about a Navajo tribe that practiced a ritual which contained a way of “drawing with colored dust” in such a way that you invoked a magical being to tell you the information you seek. The Great Circle (our founders) also heard of this and ended up paying a trip to this tribe.

Although the Great Circle became close friends with the natives because of their deeds, the elders agreed only to give them a watered- down, less powerful version of the ritual, the one we know today, fearing that Nathaniel and his companions would “stray from their noble intentions once they saw everything”. Research into what the original ritual might have been is most likely currently ongoing within the Great Circle, but they, of course, won't tell me if this is true.

Location and Population: The Bahane is infinite, and can be executed anywhere as long as certain parameters are met. See the Ritual Procedure below for how to execute it.

Ritual Procedures:

Encounter Records:

List of noteworthy failed experiments:

#23 - The Bahane refused to manifest when the executor of the ritual wished to know information about the exact location of the Jersey Devil they were hunting.

#132 - The Bahane refused to manifest when the executor of the ritual wished to know the temperature inside of a room with no thermostat.

#193 - The Bahane refused to manifest when the executor of the ritual wished to know the combination to a safe in the same room.

The following are a set of experiments conducted to reveal the extent to which the Bahane can reveal information.

Experimentation Log: The Bahane #56:

Experimentation Procedures: The basic Bahane ritual will be drawn. The executor/volunteer will be inside of a library. Once completing the ritual they will wish for information on narwhals.

Experimentation Results: The volunteer feels a cold wind creep up their back. A nearby book falls over. It's a book about sea life, and it's open to a page describing narwhals.

Experimentation Log: The Bahane #88:

Experimentation Procedures: The basic Bahane ritual seal will be drawn. The volunteer is in the forest during Autumn. After executing the ritual they will wish for information pertaining to the location of a nearby Data Collection Center.

Experimentation Results: The volunteer reports feeling a cool breeze passing through their hair. A patch of fallen leaves is swept away and pushed by an ethereal force. The exposed ground is in the shape of an arrow pointing to another nearby outfit which happened to be in the area. When the volunteer approached this outfit and asked about the location, they proceed to give him a map.

Experimentation Log: The Bahane #156

Experimentation Procedures: The volunteer will draw the basic circle. The ritual will be executed in a remote village, which, at the time of testing, is having a problem with a potential aberrant. The volunteer, after executing the ritual, will wish for information pertaining to any details of the aberrant that may be known to the villagers.

Experimentation Results: The nearby villagers report minor headaches. After a couple seconds, the volunteer reports an "unbearable" a headache and exhibits muscle spasms. This continues for ten seconds after which the volunteer reports that they have access to the memories of the villagers, although with many conflicting details, which puzzles the volunteer.

Encounter Log: The Bahane Vision Report #138

Type: E-Mail

From: Stan Carl

To: West Virginia DCC

Contents: So, uhh. I tried doing that Bahane thing you guys told me to do, and, after doing what it said you would, I saw something. When it happened my buddies told me that my eyes went into my head. I saw a family of a husband, a wife, and their two children. It must have been from like the olden times or something because I saw them just lounging around a table and eating bread. The father started coughing a little and they looked at him funny then started backing away. I think they were speaking French or something I don't know. Then some dude in armor broke down their door, showed them some sort of decree, and then took the father away. Then it ended. Should I be paying attention to it? Does it have any significance? Should I be concerned?

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