The Evie Walker Phenomena
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"The Chimera"

Description: Evie Walker is 5'7" and around 17 years old. She has long hair brown hair, amber eyes, a pale complexion, and patches of red scales spread out on her body. Evie's right arm is is completely covered in scales and her right hand has been replaced by what I can only describe as a dragon's claw. It also looks like someone decided to stab some metal jewelry into the claw.

Evie currently has the ability to create and manipulate fire, but she has very little knowledge on how to do so. I honestly think that it's an overstatement to say that this "fire calling" power of hers is a threat. Another threat is her dragon claw talons, and how sharp they are. I swear that it could cut through a wooden log with a single strike if she wanted to.

Alright, it has been three months since I first found Evie, and our outfit has been finding humans with animal parts wandering Jasper on an almost weekly basis. These "Chimera" as we're calling them, always have the memories of a person that has died in Jasper. And they always have this weird metal jewelry implanted into the animal parts of their body. Additionally, Chimera always have some form of controllable anomalous ability. We have no idea what is causing them to be created, or where exactly it's happening.

Background: Evie Walker is an aberration that was previously known to be human, specifically she was my fellow Warder, John Walker's daughter, before she went missing that is. John wasn't the type to start drinking when she did, but we all knew that it had an effect on him. Because Walker was tied to us, the Bureau decided to look into it. Eventually they found her body, and let him see it before they bagged it for further examination. Evie was under the impression that her father was a park ranger, which was true. He only joined the society to prove to himself that he wasn't crazy for seeing the things he did in his line of work.

I digress, as the official story behind Evie's death was that she was going out to visit her father's ranger station when she was attacked by a bear. According to John, who is an expert on such attacks, this was the truth. The autopsy conducted by the Bureau only confirmed this much. John told me that the body was in such a bad state that he was forced to have a closed casket ceremony.

Evie was 17 when she died, and was quite outdoorsy due to her father's influence. I personally find this surprising, as John knew everything there was to know about bears. But bears are still wild animals, and can act unpredictably.

Now lets get into the history of the aberration that she became. I was the first one to discover her about 3 years after first she first went missing. She came to the ranger station in her current state covered in cuts and bruises. It was the dead of winter when she arrived in what was blizzard conditions at nearly midnight. I brought her inside and got her a blanket, not recognizing her immediately. I only managed to remember her after she gave me her name. When I asked about what happened to her she told me that she was far to tired and cold. Which was completely fair, when you consider she was wearing nothing more than a thin white and red dress.

I made some calls, including one to my Bureau contact and one to John. John arrived immediately the next morning, and I decided to give them some privacy. The day after my Bureau contact told me that they were going to arrive in person to interview John, Evie, and me in person at the ranger station. When my contact arrived she brought a Men In Black with her. I don't know what they told John and Evie, as the MIB would only us in the ranger station one at a time during the interviews.

When it was my turn to enter the ranger station, my contact immediately told me that the Bureau didn't do any experiments on John's daughter for any reason (things like their super soldiers project, revival experiments, mind control experiments, or the like). They handed me a folder of documents that proved Evie had died from a mundane bear attack and that her body was returned to John for the funeral. She then asked me a bunch of questions that I can't remember, except for one, "Did you notice any unusual flashes of light before she arrived?" I don't know why that one stuck out, but it did.

Note: Her body was cremated and spread throughout Jasper National Park by her immediate family. Witnessed it myself.

Location and Population: She was first discovered when she approached a ranger station in Jasper national park, and I doubt that there are more of her. However, there have been humors spreading among the Normans that visit the park about animal people being spotted occasionally. But I think that this is simply coincidence as last month the Normans were claiming that some deer person had been roaming the woods, and it turned out to be actually nothing.

Since I first discovered Evie we have found no less than 21 Chimera in Jasper, and the rate of their discovery has been increasing. I personally believe that the Chimera are incapable of reproduction, which means that something else is creating them, and giving them this weird jewelry.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Look, if you encounter any Chimera yourself, than I suggest talking to them. Offering them a warm place to sleep and some food can go a long way. Additionally, I am completely against hunting them as they are still be people. They still act and think the same way we do. But if you want to know Evie's weaknesses (in case she goes "berserk") then I will indulge you.

Evie is vulnerable as any human; her scales aren't indestructible and neither is her skin. Her right hand has essentially 5 sharp knives on the ends of each of her fingers, so she is only dangerous in close range. This means that using a standard hunting rifle will be sufficient to kill her, providing you can hit your shots. However, I will tell you that she has been gaining better control of her "fire calling" powers day by day, so I recommend not getting spotted if you going for the kill.

For other Chimera it is much the same, as most of them are simply people with animal parts and some extra-normal ability. So using a hunting rifle from a distance will work if you absolutely need to kill one. But no bounties for Chimera currently exist, so there is really no point in hunting them right now. But if one is getting a little too active around Norman hot spots, then using a tranquilizer rifle will allow you to capture them with minimal harm being afflicted.

Encounter Records: Evie has been in Society possession since she was first discovered. Specifically, she is in the care of her father John Walker, and is undergoing the process of being trained to be a Warder for the Society.

Since the appearance of Chimeras has became a regular occurrence most of our outfit hasn't been bothering to document them as individuals. So I am going to document as many of them as I can here.

Additional Notes: I have no idea what is going on, but my contact in the Bureau says they're looking into it themselves. I'm just going to say that we have run out of room to house these Chimera in our facilities in Jasper, so we are going to ship them to any Warder that wants one. The Bureau says that it will support us in hiding the transportation of the Chimera until it can get a facility to hold them up and running. I am very surprised by how cooperative and open the Bureau is being with us right now. But I suppose that it's the only way we can prevent word of whatever this is from reaching the Normans.

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