Ink Imps
Japanese Paper Bomb
Japanese Paper Bombs - The carrier for Ink Imps
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
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Type: Physical

Threat Level: 3 - Can cause death to entire ecosystems and potentially breach information pertaining to aberrations to the public.

Active Status: Prominent

Description: Inkmen or ”Ink Imps” are pitch-black humanoids with a set of bulbous, pale eyes located on their faces. Other than that they have no defining traits. Their hands are stubs and their feet are shaped likewise. Ink Imps do not vocalize or make any sounds other than the sloshing of their movements.

The physical form of Ink Imps are comprised of a dark, gelatin-like substance which can be manipulated into multiple forms. Often times the aberrant will use this ability to be able to move through tight spaces and enter the mouths, eye sockets, nether region, and ears of other organisms. In all cases this results in the death of the organism currently being occupied.

Although they don't appear to exhibit any free thought or emotion like we do, Ink Imps are able to observe and act accordingly, suggesting that they have some modicum of intelligence which enables them to be a threat. The aberrants have been shown to be actively hostile against any other forms of life. Their bodies are able to enter and wither organisms from the inside in a matter of seconds. Direct contact is inadvisable and it is advised that outfits that wish to to lend their aid in helping us quell these abominations are outfitted with air-tight suits.

Background: To begin with, Japanese Paper Bombs themselves were censored in local media by the non-Bureau governmental bodies after they were deployed as to not let the Imperial Japanese know of their effectiveness. On May 5th 1945, this censorship would prove to be fatal when a couple and their 5 Sunday School students were having a picnic in Southern Oregon when they stumbled onto a Japanese Paper Bomb. It killed all the students and the wife. From the explosion the first reported instance of Ink Imp was released. That instance would then go on to wreak havoc on the local area and almost find its way into local papers before the Bureau caught wind of the witness reports and stopped the story from being published.

We currently have no reason to believe that the paper bombs themselves have any aberrational properties. As for the aberrations, we have little information on their origins. There is nothing in Japanese folklore matching their description that suggests they are beings of myth. The current theory is that they were created as an experimental way of warfare by the Imperial Japanese Army, but it is likely we will know the truth anytime soon. Unfortunately, we can not, in good conscience, dare to ask our Japanese counterparts of any information on the aberrants without endangering them and their frail relationship with the upper echelons of the Imperial Japanese Army.

However, the Bureau has informed us that they have somehow found a way to speak with the Imperial Japanese about the matter and have been told that,

”The army of the Land of the Rising Sun would never, under any circumstance, disgrace itself by using any unearthly spirits or creatures on its enemies. Although we aknowledge that your wish to keep the entirety of man ignorant of abnormals as a whole is a virtuous one and should be taken as seriously as war, we are not inclined to share any information which could jeaprodize our chances of victory against Washington.”

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