A F$#1ing Dragon
A F$#1ing Dragon
The body of the recently killed incarnation of the Dragon.
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Preface: This aberrant is one of twelve aberrants believed to be a part of the reincarnation cycle corresponding to the years of the animals on the Chinese Zodiac. Each animal has been confirmed to be an aberrant with their own set of properties, of which the Dragon is one. For the other Chinese Zodiac aberrants, see below. Not all Chinese Zodiac Aberrants are on file but will be in the future.

The Year of the Rat
The Year of the Ox
The Year of the Tiger
The Year of the Hare

The Year of the Dragon (A F$#1ing Dragon) - Currently located in North America, but used to be in the European continent.

The Year of the Snake
The Year of the Horse
The Year of the Sheep
The Year of the Monkey
The Year of the Rooster
The Year of the Dog
The Year of the Pig

The next reincarnation of the Dragon is expected to happen more or less in the year 2024. We are currently working with the Bureau to create more effective ways of destroying it, and we are cooperating with HOPE (Hunters of the Occult and Paranormal in Europe) to perhaps learn more about its origins.

In anticipation for its next reincarnation in 2024, the Wayward Society along with several private contractors have placed a collective bounty of 100,000 USD to be paid to the outfit that manages to destroy the Dragon and reset its 12-year reincarnation timer.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: If it is currently 2024 and you have found this document via a current bounty listing, and you are relatively new to the job, know that hunting the Dragon is not easy money. It is suggested that one that is considered a ranger or above before taking this contract. The Society has more to lose from letting inexperienced members die than sending those who are experienced enough to do the job. The Society currently cannot recommend a foolproof way of taking down the Dragon. HOPE has informed us that each time (every 12 years) it is always a new encounter and battle. We have some general recommendations below.

I'm going to tell you one thing now. Guns. Don't. Work. Its scales are almost impenetrable. It'll just ricochet off and could maybe hit you or your outfit. If you plan on trying to exterminate the Dragon, make sure to bring explosives. If you can wound it enough so that the Bureau can effectively call in an air strike, then you get the bounty.

Your job won't be to kill it, merely immobilize it. Its wings seem to be susceptible to explosive damage, but its body can take a lot of punishment, but not enough to fend off an attack from an air strike.

I recommend the following:

- A rocket-propelled grenade per member of your outfit, with a considerable amount of ammo.
- A set of cryptid-grade flak armor per member of your outfit.
- One radio per member of your outfit to communicate with the Society so that the Bureau can be told to call in an air strike on the wounded and immobile Dragon.

Location and Population: Only one of them show up at a time. We suspect that it might manifest somewhere in North America again, but we can't know this for sure. We are going to prepare as if it is, however.

Background: The Dragon, before coming to North America, was originally spotted in Europe and was hunted by the Hunters of the Occult and Paranormal in Europe (HOPE), an organization which is quite similar to ours.

If only we had known then back in 2012. HOPE didn't anticipate that it would migrate over here, and neither could they fathom by what means the Dragon could have come over. On that year, it was spotted flying over northwestern Virginia, and it burned a relatively small swath of forest. We were lucky that the smoke obscured its form heavily, but various normans reported that they saw the shadow of a giant bat-like form in the smoke. The Bureau plants which were stationed at local news outlets quickly caught wind of the story and relayed the information to us after they did a thorough analysis of the wreckage. Multiple prints of an unidentified creature were found which led to a cave in a mountain some five miles away.

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