Blood Rakers
Blood Rakers
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Rakers, Tree Devils,


Blood Rakers are demonic, ten to twelve foot tall humanoids with tree-like bodies and rusty metal claws for hands. They often drag their oversize hands behind them as they are walking, creating a "raking" sound of rusty steel against bloody leaves.

They are fast and have unpredictable movements. Thin, fast, tall.

Victims of a bloodraker will over show straight rake light marks gouged deep into their body

Blood Rakers will usually stand still and act like normal trees during the day, or they will hug and become part of a larger tree.

We don't know how to tell the difference between the tree in your backyard and a Raker.

On the night of a Blood Moon, some people's skin turn pale white, their nails grow to extreme lengths and will begin attacking.

Many cults want to summon the Blood Rakers. Some believe that on the Day of Blood everyone, will die except the faithful and cause the demons to dominate the continent once again. Nobody really knows what will happen if Raker Day comes to past

Entire villages will turn pink and attack

Background: Native American legend foretells the Day of Blood when all peoples foreign to their land will be removed by The Rakers.

While walking, Rakers drag their victims' corpses behind them causing them to fertilize the soil with their blood.(and bits of body parts that fall off)

Location and Population: Blood Rakers only appear on the night of a blood moon even if the moon is covered by a cloud.

Hunting or Procurement Methods:

Fire. Kill them with fire. Blood Rakers are running trees. If they burn, they run around the forest burning everything around them.

Best to have them fall into a pit and light that thing on fire. Use some long poles or bury them to keep them in the pit so they don't climb out.

The Day of Blood will only arrive when a certain number of people are crazy cultists. We don't know the exact number.

Encounter Records:

We were the first. We were the first on earth and you humans die.

flow/ You have robbed the earth of nutrients. The earth will fertilize with your blood.

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