Croaker Barrel
Duffle Dimensions
A picture of Dimensional Duffle #2 from a CCTV feed.
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png Dimensional Duffle

Description: The aberrant defined in this article is a duffle bag.

Exactly what it does is not apparent unless you zip it open and try to put anything inside of it. Upon entering the mouth of the bag, it will immediately vanish. If one tried to put thier leg in, that would vanish as well, but they would feel it hit something. If you put both legs in to let them give way to whatever was inside of duffle bags, you would be met with either one of two possiblites, depending on whether you unzipped the Dimensional Duffle on Side A or Side B.

If entered while in its normal, unflipped state, the user will encounter a wooden slide, which is only visible after their eyes have reached below the mouth of the bag. This slide leads out from a tree hollow which will allow them to access the world of Side A: The Forest of the Blue.

However, if one happens to turn it inside out, and then zip and unzip it, they will be met with the world of Side B: Horizon World.


Location and Population: There is only one, and it is in Society custody.

Hunting or Procurement Methods:

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