Dream Eater
Description: the Dream eater is a NON- corporeal entity known to exist in the dream world. It is possible that it is Not a singular entity though Due to it's isolated hunting behaviors, this seems most likely. In the dream world, it can take almost any appearance though it, always has a purple aura around it. for example if it were to take the form of a wolf, the wolf would appear to have a purple light around it. The creature seems to feed on sanity Victims of the dream eater seem to respond with increasing Negativity to the creatures Nightmares. Manifesting as Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and eventually total cessation of brain activity. Once the dream eater targets certain individuals these individuals will be hunted for an uncertain period, the dream eater has been known to Appear only once and in constant repetition. Its more aggressive and continuous attacks appear to target those who are more susceptible to mental illness.
Background: since human consciousness is the ecosystem of the aberrant it is believed the Dream Eater Has existed at least this long if Not longer. The earliest documented occurrence of a "Dream Demon"occurs in an obscure Sumerian text. In the text it was stated "the Demon, Comes to children in their dreams, to steal the joy of their lives, and guide them to an endless sleep"since then such an entity Has been referenced in many regional folklore and word of mouth stories. Interviews conducted with an unidentified source Attribute the existence of Dream catchers to the Dream eater, and provided instructions for construction of a dream caller which can effectively invite the abberant into a person's dreams. warders that are experienced with Lucid dreaming are best used in suppression of the Dream eater, and over the last 20 years have been effective at removing it's presence from the dream world, temporarily.
Location and population: the Dream Eater Does Not Have a fixed geographical location, but will only appear in an area radius of 15 square miles of it is last victim, making it very easy to call should a victim be positively identified. Population is unknown but most whom encounter the Aberrant believe it is a singular entity or an extension of a much larger entity.
Hunting Methods: Identification of the primary victim of the Dream eater is the first step of any hunt, Identifying the dream eaters area of effect can be easily accomplished by placing a brass ring around a Dream caller, and throwing it onto a printed map of the continental United States. The area in which it lands will indicate the 15 mile radius in which the Aberrant is active. Dream callers can be easily constructed using a lamb's rib bone bound completely in lamb hide. Once a warder has entered the area of influence the Dream caller can be used by introducing a single drop of the warders blood to the Dream caller. At which point the Dream eater will Manifest within in said warders dream. It should be Noted that blood not willingly introduced to the Dream caller will Not activate it. Any warder with awareness of the Dream eater can engage it, though warders with experience in lucid dreaming are much more effective at dismissal of the Aberrant. The most comprehensive Documentation of encounters and dismissal come from Samantha Shaw a warder specializing in dream based Aberrations.
Hunt One Journal:
Day 1: It appears my theories were right, the Dream eater is definitely here. It was effecting a young girl in St. Jude, hospital. I installed one dream catcher in the Hospital Room and made my way to my camper. I administered blood to my dream caller and lit some incense, its useful to have something strong going into a lucid dreaming state. I will prepare Myself mentally for tonight and go to sleep.
Day 2: Entering my dream state was very different from my typical practices. Usually I am capable of consistently starting atop a grassy hill with a tree I remember from my childhood. This time I appeared before a Darkened wooded area. All features of the wooded area appeared Black and flat two large eyes purple in coloration were apparent in the distance, but I could Not perceive any other features. I was incapable of Extending my control over my dream past a small radius around me. All attempts to expand my influence in my Dream state felt like a massive exertion on my physical body. It was at this point I realized I was unprepared for this encounter. I attempted to wake Myself, focusing on the smell of lavender, but all attempts proved fruitless. at this point I felt my circle of influence collapsing and I was losing control of my Dream. Incapable of waking up I attempted to maintain My area of control in The dream state, a roar came from the Area showing the two purple eyes followed by the word "submit" echoing through the forest around me. My control faltered and the dream world became purple in coloration, I was pulled body first into the ground and my head was left exposed. the dark branches of trees Descended upon me. filling my facial orifices with thin branches which extended wholly into my body the sensation of which was akin to the greatest real world pain I have ever felt. It is obvious this is the cause of severe psychological damage inflicted on victims. Fuck I Need a Drink.

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