El Chupacabra
El Chupacabra
A shot of an El Chupacabra through an Acrylic Trail Camera
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The profile of the aberrant for this article was taken through an anomalous remote viewing environment made in Encounter Log #3 using an Acrylic Trail Camera.

Description: Despite what most Normans believe, and what you most likely did too before laying eyes on this document, the aberrant is not a dog with mange.

The aberrant defined in this article (hereby referred to as its folklore name “El Chupacabra”) is a vampiric, four-legged canine-like mammal. Outfits have described its physical strength and speed (even without any enhancements they may have gotten from gaining the results of other creatures) as very impressive and comparable to that of a "gorilla on steroids" - TY-3 from the "Tyrannical Yoga" Outfit. As a result, their base threat level should be considered to be blue, and outfits should prepare accordingly, if not with more care.

Although not fully understood, the current consensus of the Society on the cryptid’s aberrational properties is that it can temporarily gain the physical traits and potentially behavioral traits of other living creatures or aberrations (mostly cryptids, select metaphs, and evergreens) by consuming copious amounts of their blood or flesh.

Various outfits have tried to exploit the Chupacabra’s ability to turn into whatever it eats by leaving bait of a non-lethal creature like sheep or cows, but this rarely works unless the Chupacabra is desperate. If it can (and it most cases it will), the Chupacabra will opt to go after live prey.

Background: Seeing as they come from mainly Mexico and the southern United States, it would be reasonable to assume some sort of past encounters in that area would be found. Currently, however, the search for information on their potential origins and background is ongoing. We have a hunch that ancient Meso-American peoples may have known of their existence and written it down somewhere, but we have had no luck. DCCs and outfits based in Mexico are currently searching for any leads.

  • Also, yes, we tried doing a Google search. And no, we didn’t find anything helpful.

Any information pertaining to the betterment of our understanding of this aberrant would be appreciated, and perhaps a monetary reward would be in order depending on how valuable the information is.

Location and Population: Although we don’t have any exact numbers, we can say for sure that there are indeed quite a few of them, and that they are found almost everywhere in North American Continent.

Hunting or Procurement Methods:

Due to the nature of this particular aberrant, it is almost nigh impossible to be absolutely sure you have prepared yourself well. It is advised that outfits try to spy on the aberrant beforehand and try to get an understanding of their current abilities. Knowing somewhat the abilites of the Chupcabra beforehand can will aid you greatly.

  • Remember that a Chupacabra can cycle through traits and potentially aberrational abilities rather quickly, so try to go after them as soon as you can as to not waste any chance you may have.

However, we can advise you do these preparations to better defend against the aberrant in its base form.

El Chupacabra Advised Hunting Preparations:

1. One set of cryptid-grade flak armor for each member of your outfit who intends to confront the aberrant.

  • If you are unsure of where to get this flak armor, consult your nearest DCC, they will point you towards areas or potentially outfits which manufacture it.

2. High-power weaponry which can be used reliably. Individual outfits have different preferences and know what works for them, so we will leave it to your discretion.

3. Potentially a flamethrower / ballistic weaponry.

4. Evaluate what you gather from your reconnaissance and tweak this list as necessary. It is recommended that you submit your findings to an outfit or DCC which employs those well-versed in aberrant-ology so they may give you some more general suggestions, and perhaps tell you whether or not the Chupacabra may possess the traits of other aberrants.

Encounter Logs: The following are a couple of many encounter records which have been submitted. The three that have been chosen to be featured are the best examples of what to do in a situation in which one encounters these beasts. For the other encounter records which are not listed below, inquire with your nearest Data Collection Center.

Additional Notes:

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