European Ed
European Ed
The fucker blacked out his face and which DCC he worked at. Shit.
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Description: Man, fuck you Ed. I'm sick and tired of you going around changing all of our measurements from imperial to metric. THIS IS AN AMERICAN DATABASE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, HUH, SHIT-FACE?

I'm six feet 1.829 meters away from fucking strangling you to death. I may not know which DCC you work at, but fuck. When I do. I’m gonna strap you to a chair and smack you with yard sticks, you little cunt.

You do realize that you could be actively killing people by changing all of our measurements to yer dumb foreign ”metric”, right?

Comment 4/2/2006

Oh, but they could just use the laminated paper conversion tables I mailed everyone yesterday.

Wait… it arrived at my house. How the fuck did you find my address, Ed?

Comment 4/2/2006

I M E V E R Y W H E R E.


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