Fireflies captured during the night circa 1931.
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Description: Two peculiarities reside in Las Vegas.

The phantoms appear as normal fireflies and flit around normally. However, in the darkness, it is possible to discern a shape made of a dull, green light. This is the shape of a small child. One looks to be a 12-year-old lad, while the other is a 4-year-old girl.

These phantoms are capable of speech and are very polite, referring to men as “sir”. Normans do not take them as specters nor take any such reports with any seriousness. “There is nothing different in life at this time, as life continues to be hard”, says one resident in the area. Due to the superstitious nature of the citizens, my posse was able to spread rumors among the townsfolk in order to institute change. It is now customary to place a dish outside one's place of business with an offering of fruit or other foodstuff.

The fireflies can land on foodstuffs and sublimate them. A very satisfactory method to prevent this is by covering cans and other containers with a cheesecloth. They do not seem to eat a remarkable amount. The people in Las Vegas suspect a thief, but as of today do not have a 100 per cent certainty of this.

Background: Snippets of newspapers from 1928 and 1931 respectively

Outgoing president Coolidge has just announced the construction of a brand new reservoir on the Colorado river. This project, entitled the Boulder Canyon project, seeks to tame the mighty Colorado river and provide water to the seven states that the river flows through. This project provides substantial optimism for the millions of out-of-work laborers throughout the United States…

In anticipation of the massive Boulder Canyon project, our fair city of Las Vegas is now home to over 20,000 worker hopefuls and their families. Entertainment and gambling has seen a remarkable boom due to the new business. The idea that Las Vegas is now poised to become the gambling capital of the world is being entertained…

…Two children today were caught attempting to nick some sausages and fruit from a general store amounting to the cost of 2 dollars and 35 cents. The constable on duty…

Location and Population: The two phantoms make regular forays into the town proper. However, the two spectres in fact occupy the abandoned camp outside of Las Vegas. This camp was previously the home for workers hoping to work on the dam - those workers now reside in the newly christened “Boulder City”.

This camp is in poor condition due to the hot temperatures of the Mojave desert. In addition, there is much debris in the way of cans and tents that litter the area. On the outskirts of this camp, the phantoms have claimed a crude and rusted frame beside an extinguished fire.

There are two spectres who exist in this manner. They are not local, and no body else in Las Vegas has seen these remarkable occurrences.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: The existence of these phantoms appears to be tied to strong desires that are left on the mortal plane. They are not, however, coy in showing what it is that they desire. I was struck by the enormity and the wonderful simplicity of the phantoms’ request - their sole desire apparently being the safe return of their mother and father. My posse’s resources at the time were unable to complete that request. I am of the opinion that should this request be fulfilled, the phantoms will leave and be considered destroyed.

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Additional Notes: Retrieved from Society archives. Last accessed 1946. It is unknown if this aberrant is still active. Should any warders in the Las Vegas area have further information on this aberrant, please contact the Mojave Data Collection Center.

Photo credits to Jud McCranie

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