Free Ghosts of the Land
Free Ghosts of the Land
Threat Level
Active Status
Other Names
Freggers, F-ghosts, Sovereign Spectres


Ghosts who haunt houses and insists that they are their rightful owners, frequently site the Non Agression Principle

If their appeals to reason fail, the F-ghosts get violent, starts with small disturbances, broken plates, shoes in the toilet, then escalates to floating kitchen knives and self-loading guns.

Can operate guns, knives and kitchen utensils along with a variety of other household objects.

F-ghosts regularly insist that they are flesh and blood human beings despite having no reflections and walking through walls.

They use different arguments, the common themes among Free Ghosts is that they will try to convince you to leave with words before resorting to violence, they cannot be exorcized the normal way and they all believe that they are flesh and blood humans.


Location and Population:

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Finding a loophole in their bullshit laws made-up laws is the only way I know of exorcising a Fregger. If there's another way, let me know because combing through pages of legalese is beyond tedious.
Try to use spray holy water or seal them into a stone and they just re-appear the next day as if nothing happened.

A Fregger can only be exorcised by finding a loophole in their own self-made laws. It might be fairly easy, or drastically hard. Just remember, no law is airtight and there's always a loophole. Once you've formulated your argument, confront the spectre

Encounter Records:

"I am a flesh and blood human being," said Darius as he passed through the dining room table, "and as a living human, I have been granted rights by the Constitution under God."

Darius reads the Warder-lawyer the Magna Carta while he is taking a shower. Pesters him about the constitution while eating dinner. Appeals to the Non-Agression Principle when Warder is trying to sleep.

"I, Darius Maculius McDonald, am a flesh and blood human being," said the ghost while walking through a wall, "and the rightful owner of this here property that I did purchase the land and buy myself yes I did, yes I did."

Darius, you're no longer human, you are a ghost and this isn't house your house anymore. You need to move on and make space for the living.

Nonsense, I am the rightful owner of this land and you are trespassing on my property.

You use as the basis for your law. Correct?

That is correct Mr. Warder as this is the document that all laws should be based.

Then are you aware of the clause that stipulates that grievances can be settled with a duel.

I am more than aware Mr. Warder and overjoyed at the direction we are taking this conversation.

Then I challenge you, Darius Maculius McDonald to a duel on the conditions of death or surrender, in the case of my death or surrender you shall remain in the house and my property in the house will become your propety, and in the case of your death or surrender you will pass over to the other side. Do you, Darius Maculius McDonald, accept these terms and swear to uphold them.

I accept.

Meet me at sundown in fields at back.

A variety of ghosts come to gather and watch the duel. Many in pioneer clothing, some the ghosts of black slaves, some cat and dog ghosts, even a highly dangerous Naught or two but I can't worry about them and they seem to be here to watch the show.

The ghosts wait and watch us with baited breath.

Darius falls, the crowd of ghosts scatter, flying away into a thousand different directions.

He props his ghostly body on a bony tree.

Warder slowly approaches and sits down on the ground in front of him

Darius: I'm scared Warder. I never really knew what to make of God. Is there another side? A heaven or a hell? Will I just disapear?

Warder[comforts him]

Darius dissipates

Warder goes home and has a good night sleep.

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