Fringe: The Bureau

Numbers: ?

Description: The Bureau is named the Bureau. No more, no less. It doesn't leave any information about itself behind and nor does it tell anything about itself unless it absolutely must or they have something to gain because of it. However, we do know what we will ever need to: the Bureau is a government agency with operations in everything from the areas of Greenland to the bottom of Central America. It is unclear where their true allegiance lies or even if they have any. It is currently believed that their operations happen most frequently in the North American countries of Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

History: It is currently believed that the Bureau is a century younger than the Society, but, of course, we ourselves don't a lot about our own early history so we can not say this for sure.

Goals: In a lot of ways, the goals of the Bureau are almost the same as ours, but sometimes with clashing methods. It is an understatement to say that the relationship we have with the Bureau is a rocky one.

Affiliated Aberrations:

Dropa Disks
Men In Black

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