Fringe: The Bureau

The Bureau of North America

The seal of the Bureau

"The Bureau of North America"
Aliases: The Bureau
Number: ?
Type: Government Agency
Threat Level: Potentially Black
Society Policy: Not to be regarded as an enemy.

Description: The Bureau of North America is an organization which has had close ties to the Society since we last have a recollection of our history. The Bureau has their hands in everything from Greenland to the very bottom of what is considered the North American continent. It is unknown where their true allegiances lie, how many of them there are, or even their ultimate goal. Inquiries into such things by individual members the Society have been met with a message replying "Confidential". The Great Circle has said that it communicates with the Bureau on a daily basis and that they assure us that the Bureau is not up to anything nefarious.

It is untrue to say that our relationship with the Bureau is not mutually beneficial. Often times, the Bureau will put out bounties itself for aberrants and assist the Society with gaining access to government material not normally available to it. In exchange, the Bureau has full access to our database (minus the data only available to the Great Circle). It will also sometimes will ask for samples of aberrants currently in the process of being tamed or ones that have been freshly killed for who knows what reason. On occasion, The Bureau has been known to utilize and allegedly create what can be considered aberrants to assist them in their operations, most of which are unknown to us.

Aims: For the most part, the Bureau has aims which are the same as our own, albeit with different methods on how to approach aberrations and paranormal phenomenon.

History: ?

Associated Aberrants
Men In Black
Dropa Disks
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