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Apep, Apophis, Nāḥāš, The Serpent, χάος, kaːɔskampf, The Abyss, Ginnungagap, ǵhehn, χάσμα μέγα, अराजकता, אי סדר , فوضى, The Faceless God, Ahtu, L'rog'g1

The original documentation for this aberrant was written by Professor Ordo Galison, representing Harvard University. It has since been converted to our format, however the original study may be found at the bottom of this page.

Description: The… Okay, the goat man, is. Well it's a thing. I don't wanna say Satan, I don't wanna say it's a demon, but. Yeah big but there. Well let's start with appearances.

The thing appears as a kind of glitching, shifty, maybe- I wanna say 5 feet tall? Maybe six, it was hunched over. But, every few seconds, it shifted into a kind of massive snake looking thing. Just for a second, it'd always go back to the goat. We found a picture of it, nearby where we saw it. I think I put it in the page, I don't want to look at it anymore.

Background: Goat man. I don't know where the fuck it came from, but.. The study I put at the end of the page should explain, bit too wordy for me. I can only assume it made its home in the woods there. I hope, at least, it stayed in the woods.

Of course a week before that, some warders upstate got a bunch of emails from a Harvard professor. Seemed like a nut, they just forwarded them to me for safekeeping. I attached the important one at the bottom, it's a possible explanation for whatever this thing is.

Location and Population: The woods. Just south of.. Some town in Michigan, I forget the name. Maybe a mile south of there. I gave the other guy my map, when we went into these woods. Writing this on my shitty pager, still trying to find a way back to town.

There's this old church. I don't think it's special, really, just the thing lived in it. Not on the map, of course, probably dated to the 1700s or something. If anybody's in Michigan, well, you've got the general area. I'll put it on a map when I get back. Inside the church, it'd obviously been ripped to hell, probably not recently. Altar had been replaced with some, like, surgical operating table thing, and all the crosses had been graffitied over. These odd symbols were painted everywhere, not anything freaky, but just like, a bunch of arrows pointing out from a circle. No pentagrams, thank christ, but still.

Place was coated in a mix of mud and, well I'll just say feces. Looked like the thing had made its den in the church, honestly. The place should be easy to spot on any mapping software, roof's painted pitch black for some reason. I'll bet it sticks out like a sore thumb in the backwoods. Atleast, that's how we found it.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: It looked angry when I called it satan. Distracted it just long enough for.. Anyways, guns don't work. I bet if you rammed it with a truck, maybe that'd do it. But it's long gone in the woods now. It seemed.. angry, at the other guy. See he was this Egyptian guy, I dunno if he was muslim or what, but he had a Quran on him. The thing got pretty pissed at the Quran. But of course I forgot the guys with it. Obviously not aberrants, just some norman teenagers. I'll bet they thought it was Satan, thought they were real cool following Satan around in the goddamn backwoods. You're gonna hunt this thing, be prepared for teenagers with knives. I don't suggest shooting 'em, honestly, they're just kids.

Encounter Records: Once. Only ever seen this thing once. But.. there's pictures of it, dating back to the middle ages. I don't know what to make of that. Of course when it attacked me and the other guy, just an hour ago, that's the first time this thing's been documented by the Society. Atleast, that I know of. I.. I have a recording of… it.

Additional Notes: Found this scripture in the church library. Bunch of latin shit, someone'll translate it for me once this thing's posted.

And here's the e-mail I promised.

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