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blank.png Hollower, decorticator, body snatcher

Hollowers are large irregular masses of nerves, sticky undulating brown flesh, and random external organs such as eyes, teeth, and beaks, littering the mass helterskelter. While reproduction nor gestation has ever been witnessed, through various hunts, trials, and errors the life cycle of a Hollower is well known. A baby bursts out of an egg located in some dark and moist area, normally a sewer but sometimes dumpsters or alleyways. The creature will then use its appendages to crawl its way into a human's home, usually at night to catch them sleeping. Once the child hollower locates a vulnerable human, it will begin to, for lack of any better term, hollow the person. The process has only been partially witnessed by two warders who attempted to kill off the aberration while this is happening, results suggest humans cannot be saved from this process though that is not for lack of trying. The hollower liquefies most major organs, devouring the slurry and pushing any other materials out through the mouth and finally converting the body into a skin suit. Once morning comes the hollower will clean any mess it made from the process as efficiently as possible then assume the life of the person it hollowed out from inside; the creature itself will continue to develop from within the skin suit.

A hollower operating from inside a hollowed human is visually indistinguishable from any other person, but those close to the victim of a hollower attack will quickly notice rapid behavior changes: low engagement in social activities, shallow emotional responses and an overall increase in cruelty. This is not to say a hollower will act like an entirely different person; the squirmy monsters seem to retain the memories of their victims. This, combined with the fact that the older a hollower gets the more it is able to camouflage itself as norman, makes them difficult to pin down.

Hollowers seem to target individuals who have a level of power over others or will begin to seek an empowered position in society if the host's identity is lacking. Hollowers have been known to be police, school teachers, DMV workers, coaches, doctors, and bankers. Once in a position of power, the hollower will begin to subtly cause suffering in those it has power over. Humiliating, frustrating and generally draining the will to live from others in subtle plots. It is unknown if they gain some sustenance from the emotional responses or not.

The following is Warder Carter Long's report on the first known encounter with a hollower on June 12th 2011

So I was vacationing as a cop in some town in North Dakota that had some barely legal shit-tier plumbing; technically, I was on an assignment to investigate and thin out a population of backwards footed squatches, but that's my version of a vacation so fuck off. Bill grieves, an elementary school teacher is acting like an asshole all of a sudden. This town has only this and how well the wheat is growing as conversation topics so despite me inserting myself as a cop in there for only a month, I find out the details fast. Apparently, the guy has been acting distant to his friends and family, and way more disturbingly his students, who I mind you are like seven, have a glassy look in their eyes; a drunk parent going as far to say that he saw him strike a kid but did not leave any marks. So I am already looking through my dusty ass Society handbook to see if there is anything against me beating this guy and using him as squatch bait or more reasonably getting one of those warders versed in magic I hear about to curse this guy with dick-rot or something.
My eyes are lit on fire when I hear about how the guy's wife, Raegan grieves, called into the station going hollering and screaming. Someone said to just leave it alone, claiming the woman was in hysterics, but insist because worst-case scenario I get some bait. I go down there with my fat canuck partner to see what in the wheat bushels is going on. My partner for being so portly was one of the most competent members of that town's little police as he had my back when I knocked on the cute little isolated white house. Raegan answered me and asked me to get inside, my partner staying at the door.

The freckled woman is fidgeting and before she could say a thing I get a face full of Bill's Sallow face yelling at me about warrants. I swear I did not hear the guy, walked up to me like a ghost so I jumped back a little and reached for my 9mm in an obvious fashion, not to shoot, but to show who's boss (I've seen them do it during my two DUIs). I quickly persuaded my way into the house with a combination of legal-sounding cop-speak and non-subtly indicating that I do have a gun, proving that the scattershot approach to social situations can work.
I basically got a guided tour of the place. It was a pretty standard house overall, a living room with wood paneled floors, a master and guest bathroom, one of those Jesus statues that have holey hands (I forgot the actual term), and the man's gun collection. Bill stammered a lot and made a lot of pauses while talking to me as if he had to recall every other fact. On one hand, I thought the man was just feckless, on the other you probably don't own actual hunting trophies while needing to take a minute to recall which gun you hunt with.

With my partner left well behind in the car and me on the 8th minute of Bill attempting to recall how he killed that deer on the wall, it occurred to me that I had no clue what I was doing. In the middle of bill explaining that the reason his deer head was so fucked up looking was that he blew it off with a shotgun, I declared that I really needed to take a shit. The always nervous looking Raegan escorted me to the bathroom where I could collect my thoughts and consider if my winging it approach to everything was serving me in this moment.
My contemplation on the bowel was interrupted by a barely audible whisper/hissing argument between Bill and Raegan. Maybe he was just a shit husband and their barely contained anger at each other just burst out at one point. I got hope, flushed the toliet, and hoped the shitty plumbing just would work this one time. As I stated, the plumbing in this town was bad. So bad that sometimes things stuck in the pipes would just spill back out. I looked into the bowel; I got my two logs back, but I also got bone fragments.

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