Impersonator Mold
Impersonator Mold
Hiker we found at the edge of the forest. Head split open by an axe.
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blank.png Half-Men of Fallford Grove, Scourge of Morgan's Hollow

The Impersonator Mold is what I would tentatively describe as a fungus, or a plant, native to Fallford Grove, Wyoming. Initially, it is a normal sort of mold, growing underneath stones, near a creek, or any damp place you can find. The mold itself is highly infectious however, contact with spores will almost always result in a sort of mild skin infection. After the infection, the mold present on skin will produce it's own spores and drift off to some damp spot to grow. This time however, it's life cycle has changed. Some sort of sack, womb, whatever you bother calling it, will grow wherever that spore lands. Inside the sack, the aberrant in question (who will from now on be referred to as impersonators for convenience sake) will grow.

Impersonators resemble whatever they infected, human, elk, dog, etc. but will usually be deformed and carry residual traces of mold like growths. They essentially look like half-plant half-animal monstrosities. They all have bones like animals, but no blood. Sometimes the creatures even have a few useless organs in their bodies. Either they absorb nutrients from their surroundings, or photosynthesize like plants, I'm still working to find out which. As far as I know, they live like any human or indigenous animal would, but they fucking hate are violent towards their non-mold counterparts. They'll go out of their way to hunt down and kill whatever normal animal they see, explaining why Fallford Grove is almost devoid of (normal) animal life.

They are not subtle, they (at least the humanoid ones are) as intelligent as us. They post old no-trespassing signs, scarecrows, even the occasional corpse of a hiker on the outskirts of the forest. If me and my outfit's evidence is correct, I do believe the impersonators have some twisted civilization of sorts, hidden in Fallford Grove. They have done their very damndest to try and hide it though.

I can safely conclude that nobody knows where this fungus came from. I've interviewed the tribes who lived in Fallford Grove before they were shipped off to reservations, and got nothing. No legends, no mythical mold monsters, nothing. My best guess is that the mold came sometime before or just after white settlers made the area home. First reports I could find of the Impersonators in Fallford Grove come from way back in the Indian Wars, 1875 to be precise. Apparently a cavalry regiment went completely missing near Morgan's Crossing, a town that used to exist in the middle of Fallford Grove. Nobody ever heard from those men again, and the army chalked it up to an indian raid if I remember correctly.

Morgan's Crossing was burned down a few months later, nearly all of it's residents killed in a raid. Reports from survivors report strange deformed men, wearing tattered army uniforms and touting rusted rifles, the humanoid impersonators in all likelihood. They brought some animalian impersonators too, deer, elk, even a goddamn bear. The group of impersonators came out of the blue, burned Morgan's Crossing to the ground, and left about as quickly. Only a single family was spared from the raid, an elderly man and his two sons, said they had hid in a wine cellar. Two regiments of cavalry were sent to scout out Fallford Grove, but they never saw the perpetrators. Suffering only from minor supply thefts, they left a year after the massacre at Morgan's Crossing. The survivors lived to tell the tale at saloons and other less reputable establishments all across the state of Wyoming up until 1901, when the last son died. Things got real quite after that, hardly anybody ventures into those woods, and those who do apparently never return or say they saw nothing. My outfit was only alerted to the presence of the aberrants a few months back, after some family on a road trip reports seeing "12 plant mutants waving old guns and tomahawks" outside the edge of the forest itself. Our investigation into the impersonators is still ongoing.

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