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Bisbee Royale Theatre

Description: The artifact in question is a theater venue located within the Bisbee Royale Theatre in Bisbee, Arizona. Bisbee Royale Theatre is currently owned and operated by the Diamondback Outfit, who are using the property as a base of operations and source of revenue. The effected venue is currently closed off from public access.

We currently are not sure what causes this aberration's effects to manifest, it seems to respond to groups of at least three people who are attentive to the venue's screen. Larger and more attentive crowds do invoke quicker paranormal events from the venue.

Once an appropriate audience is present the effects of this artifact begin to manifest. First, the door to the projection room locks itself. Any attempt to unlock the door has so far proven futile. Approximately five minutes after the projection room door has been locked, the theater lights will dim and the projector will activate, playing what is currently assumed to be filmed media from alternate dimensions. It is currently unknown if physical copies of film manifest while an event is taking place, any post-event investigations show the projection room to be unchanged.

Background: In the late 90's rumors in Bisbee, Arizona suggested that a mysterious theater was constructed with no known record in an old church in the Royale district of the old mining town. Local youths would break into the theater late at night and report seeing "strange foreign films." This eventually caught the attention of the Diamondback Outfit who at the time were hunting elements of the paranormal black market in Cochise County.

The Diamondback operation was able to use back channel operations and forgery to seize the deed to the old church, renovating the property and opening a functioning movie theater in 2012. They have since rented out spaces within the property to a local radio station as well as local small businesses.

The aberration is currently sealed off to the public, under the guise of not meeting municipal safety codes.

Location and Population: The venue located in Bisbee, Arizona is the only known instance of this artifact. There is no reason to suspect that there are any other instances.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Members of the Society can gain access to the venue at the operator's convenience. It is asked that those who wish to view a paranormal event within the venue give a heads up at least one week in advance. Donations are always appreciated.

The annual Diamondback Desert Dimensional Film Fest is held annually, please remember to check your inbox and RSVP.

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