Japanese Spirit Bombers
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The following document has been translated and catalogued as a part of recent Society history reclamation efforts. It is believed to be from the WWII era.

Hunting Instructions: There are almost no end to these things. The men keep shooting and killing only to find out the abnormals burst into mist and materialize behind their backs before goring them. It is advised that when your company has decided you want to help us destroy these abnormals that you bring someone skilled in hunting Demons, and better on you if you have one who's very knowledgeable. We suggest a mixed group of about four sharpshooters and one spiritual cleanser.

Current Knowledge: On the first day of May 1944 while a family was taking a hike through Oregon, they stumbled onto a Japanese 'Paper Bomber' and were killed immediately after their curiosity got the best of them. When a hiker found the explosion and called the police the story was immediately routed to the Bureau. Not close behind them, we eventually found out due to a local plant we had living in the area. And like always, The Bureau spouted their usual generic prattle and prolonged us as long as possible from doing our job so they can try whatever dumb solution they concocted in a brightly-light, air-conditioned room somewhere.

The Japanese enemy of this great world war has gotten so desperate they've been sending abnormals to our northwestern lands via the air. The inhabitants they sent over these balloons have been nicknamed "Ink Imps" by Warders who have had the displeasure of meeting with them. It appears that upon the explosion of these bombers the Imk Imps are free to rampage, likely the intended consequence.


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