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photographed splogorphing in a field
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png Flamingo snake, The Ooze


Appears when a person is about to commit suicide and goads them to do it.
Amorphous elongated serpentlike slime with a man's face. Will try to chase and cover you with slime. Will speak gibberish not of any known language.

Speaks a mixture of english and incomprehensible gibberish.

If he sees you, he will slither towards you at a rapid speed and attempt to coil around your body. The slime is not fatal but does cause psychotic behaviour and gibberish speaking.

People who have been in contact with the serpent's slime will lose all tact and social graces. Including urinating and defecating in public, burping loudly, speaking innapropriate comments loudly in public places, eating with their hands and burping, innapropriate sexual advances and groping. Telling random people to kill themselves.

Claims to be able to camoflage and travel through dimensions

After exposure, victims of the slime, or who eat Jello's rice hear Jello's voice inside their head, often singing a nonsensical tune in an unknown language. Victims exposed to Jello's music will have an uncontrolleable urge to go out in public and sing the same nonsensical song while in the nude and doing weird anatomically impossible dancing.

Victims should be exposed to hot steam like a sauna or cigarette smoke or bathed in alcohol

After being cured, victims may have some mild soreness but, despite dancing in ways that would normally break spines, not any permanent injuries.

Jello sightings all over the world, particularly in suicide hotspots where he will tell victims to kill themselves.

Hunting or Procurement Theories: Bullets past right through his jello body.

Impervious to fire, believe me I tried.

We rammed our pickup into him. Got a cement mixer truck and poured it on him.

Tried shooting him with rock salt hoping he would burn in the salt like a slug in a french gourmet restaurant.

Do not get any closer than / within 100 feet of Jello.

Other Theories:

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