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Gains Goblin

Description: Gorwing movement of bodybuilders training in the forest. The Mosquito Goblin It's body is the size of a small dog, and it's wingspan is the length of a fully grown human.

The mosquito goblin possesses powerful forearms, it's body is similar to beetles in that they have no bones but a lot of densely compact muscles.

With it's powerful forearms, the G Mosquito will grab and pierce the bodybuilder with it's mouth straw.

Somehow, it only sucks muscle, leaving skin, blood and organs intact.

Psychological dammage of turning into a weak frail husk of a man.


Most people just think the Goblin Mosquito is only a cautionary tale to stick to your fitness regiment. Confirmation or evidence of this mosquito species may cause bans of raging testosterone guzzling jarheads to burn down the forests in order to protect their chiseled bodies.

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