Sketch drawn by a former victim of Mother
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blank.png "Momma" "The Siren"

Description: Life as a Ranger is tough. I've been exposed to countless dangers that could have ended my life and legacy in a matter of seconds, and at my old age, I can still feel the cold embrace of death waiting for me to make a mistake. After some time, I realized that all these creatures share one singular trait that makes them so scary to us: Resourcefulness. They have the ability to learn new ways of fucking us over, making us afraid of everything we hold sacred.

Such is the case with “Mother”, an aberrant so vile that has managed to make a soul-draining trap out of the purest form of affection humans have: maternal love.

Mother is a metaphysical being that resembles a tall, lightly-overweight Hispanic woman in her late 40's. Curly, thin brown hair falls down to thigh level, and usually covers portions of its nude body, sometimes making its facial features impossible to see. Since it only appears during late stages of sleep, it has only been depicted in drawings and verbal descriptions from its targets.

The first night she finds you, you will feel a sense of intense calm, followed by a state similar to floating around in a dark and warm pool. Once you go into the REM stage of sleep, Mother will manifest itself, displaying warm and soothing colors like turquoise or violet1 and making sounds that feel extremely familiar and comforting, like a twisted nursery rhyme designed to take over your mind and soul. This trance will continue for as long as you're asleep, and when Mother decides it's over for the night, it will abruptly wake you up, making you feel like hot shit.

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An artist's interpretation of the first stage of the nurture

We call this process “The Nurture” since it triggers a powerful and primal feeling of bliss and relaxation, just like the one babies experience when in their mother’s womb.

As time passes, Mother will start to acquire more and more power, making the dreams seem more realistic for you. After this, Mother’s real effects start kicking in: You will start to become dependent on Mother for the calmness she offers, and will try to sleep for as long as possible, turning to avenues such as sleeping pills to extend time asleep, ignoring any harm you could be doing to your system. At later stages of this dependency, some irreversible mental illnesses will appear such as illnesses such as extreme anxiety, paranoia, mild schizophrenia, ADHD, or several sleep disorders caused by an excessive amount of rest.

Your mind will start to deteriorate, slowly but surely, making you lose some of your most basic functions like memory, speech, motor skills, and sphincter control. Being confronted about Mother will make you irritated and aggressive. The manifestations will stop only after death, entering a vegetative state, or receiving the Exsomnis Procedure. We are still not absolutely certain if the former two can stop Mother.

Among the most common targets, we can find:

  • Teenagers from 15 to 19 years old with a background of constant abuse (mental or physical).
  • People with self-harm tendencies or depressive behavior.
  • Victims of traumatic events.
  • People in constant extreme emotional distress.
  • Suicidal individuals.

Background: This is a compilation of all the bits and pieces of info I found after digging through various Wayward archives (Big thanks to the folks at the Austin DCC for helping me put it together):

"From 1997 to 2001, reports of many retired Rangers who were struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) mentioned the same manifestation: "A woman that came to nurture them in their dreams". This was enough to make The Society wary, and thus began the search to confirm the existence of this being.

Everyone that reported dreaming of Mother was put in close surveillance, and checked monthly to see what kind of anomaly we were dealing with. After 3 months, various Rangers started exhibiting a slight difficulty to phrase words and to remember things, even those with no discernible degenerative diseases in their bloodline.

She came once a month before, when my nightmares were out of control. Now I see her everynight, and she makes me never wanna wake up. The Society won't understand her. NOBODY who's never heard her beautiful voice can.

-Jonathan Leyman, formerly known as Crane-5 of the Lagos outfit

After the first year of surveillance, most individuals presented major memory loss. Some were even unable to form medium length sentences2. By then, research on how to eradicate this being had already began, with unfavorable results.

One year and five months after the study had begun, four of the individuals entered a coma. They were not able to recover while their life support was connected. Six more died in their sleep, the cause of death is unknown. Even though this was a major turning point in the investigation, methods of eradication without harming the individual were proving futile. Desperate measures had to be taken.

High doses of Modafinil were administered to individuals in order to prevent sleep. This rendered Mother's abilities useless and slowly cured the individuals' dependency. After 40 hours of sleep deprivation, individuals were allowed to sleep, those that could still communicate confirmed that Mother didn't manifest while sleeping..

The study continued for 2 more months, and while Mother never seemed to manifest for the individuals, its damage was irreversible. Despite all of this, this was deemed a success. It was later classified as the "Exsomnis Procedure".

I was one of the more recent targets of mother, and luckily, got help from The Society before everything started going to shit.

When I was reading Mother's backstory, I couldn't help but imagine what could have happened to the people that never actually got rid of it. It makes me shiver everytime I think that I could have been one of those unlucky souls.

Location and Population:
The thing is, Mother only exists in dreams, and only manifests if certain requirements are met, which makes it untraceable and extremely hard to detect. We think that it is able to manifest itself in various places at the same time, and we can discard there being more than one Mother since all manifestations look, act, and are driven away in the same manner.

Hunting or Procurement Methods:
So far, we only know of one way to get rid of Mother without harming its host too much:

Encounter Records:

Additonal Notes:
Keep an eye out for this one. Once it finds you, you're pretty much screwed unless you get Exsomnis done to you, and I'm telling you by experience, you don't want to go through Exsomnis.

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