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A Humble Message
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Background: On March 7th, 2009, a meteorite was seen entering Earth's atmosphere before colliding with a rocky outcropping in the Sonora Desert. A Warder in the Bluebird outfit who was on patrol nearby had observed the impact and upon inspecting the meteorite, the warder deduced that the object was in-fact an artificial construct.

Description: This artifact consists of approximately 312 USB drives of extraterrestrial origin, containing a currently unknown amount of data. For all intents and purposes the USB drives are non-supernatural in nature. The drives can be safely inserted into any compatible USB port, where they will operate as any normal USB drive would.

Many of the files stored within the USB drives are corrupted. Ongoing attempts to repair and restore the integrity of these files are currently underway.

Location and Population: The capsule of 312 USB drives was discovered in one capsule that impacted Earth's surface in the Northern Sonora desert. Approximately 32 miles North of Ocotillo, California. Due to the integrity of the capsule, as well as the condition the USB drives contained within the capsule were found in, there is no reason to believe there were any destroyed or missing USB drives.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Due to the content of the USB drives, it is currently assessed that there will be no further objects of this nature arriving on Earth.

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