Nipton, Montana

Nipton, The Town

Artifact is an area covering approximately 5 miles by 6 miles (8.04 x 9.65 km) exhibiting unusual psychic phenomenon. Flora and Fauna in this area (including humans) are mutated extensively by the psychic energies, and are extremely hostile. Buildings are mostly dilapidated, but inhabited structures are being repaired regularly by the mutants. Hostile psychic phenomenon are very prevalent throughout the artifact, but grow in intensity around the entrance to the mineshaft.

The majority of the human mutants reside within the town of Nipton, very few residing in the wilderness. Mutants still retain a degree of intelligence and are able to craft tools and weapons, as well as being able to do repairs of various buildings in Nipton. They do not appear to be able to understand human language, however, and are unable to speak themselves.

The source of the psychic disturbances appears to be some entity/aberrantion within the mineshaft. See encounter record

Nipton was established in the year 1894 as a coal mining settlement, an operation which continued until the mine was run dry in the 1960s. Soon afterwards, the town disappears from the records. Attention is only drawn towards Nipton after reports from Normans involving "masked mutants" and "massive floating rocks bursting into flames", among other things. Evidence recovered from Nipton suggests that psychic anomalies began shortly afterwards the coal veins were depleted.

The Artifact is located within Valley County Montana.

Kill all humans.

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Beep boop bop.

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