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Mongolian Death Worm, Large Intestine Worm

Description: The Olgoi-Khorkhoi (literally: large intenstine worm, colloquially known as the Mongolian Death Worm) is a large worm-like creature that is indigenous to the Gobi Desert.

This cryptid can grow to an average of five feet in length. It possesses a thick hide and adults have a distinct crimson-red appearance. It is rumored that the worm preys upon camel organs. Giving the worm its red color and allowing it a place to lay its eggs.

Warders hunting for this cryptid were able to observe and record several of its self-defense mechanisms:
- It is capable of travelling underground at speeds in excess of 35 MPH
- It is capable of discharging a highly corrosive venom from several orifices located around its head, reaching distances of at least 50 feet. This is theorized to be the mechanism which it uses to burrow.
- It is capable of producing short bursts of electric currents of at least 2,000 milliamperes.
- It posseses a strong jaw, the exact structure of which is unknown.

Background: On October 3rd 1999, members of the Diamondback outfit were informed of a pick-up truck hauling a horse trailer along Route 95. Suspecting this to be a smuggler hauling cryptids to the Paranormal Black market located in Las Vegas, Ranger Tobias Gilliam (AKA: Diamondback-1) personally led a team comprised of eleven warders in total, eight from the Diamondback Outfit and three local independent warders.

Two miles south of Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada an intoxicated driver collided with the suspected smugglers late in the evening. The warders were able to arrive at the site of the accident before the local law enforcement. There they discovered four mutilated corpses and no survivors. It is unknown if the four victims died in the accident and were subsequently mutilated by the escaped cryptid, or were killed after the collision by the escaped cryptid.

Over the next three days, Gilliam's expedition tracked the Olgoi-Khorkhoi through Cal-Nev-Ari and southern Clark County, eventually neutralizing the worm a half mile east of Searchlight, Nevada.

Location and Population: The only known member of this species in North America was released and neutralized in southern Clark County, Nevada. It is unknown how many still live in the wild in its natural habitat, or are kept privately within North America.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Extreme caution is to be used when dealing with this cryptid. It should be noted that the worm is capable of following its prey while underground through vibrations created on the surface. The worm cannot travel efficiently in moist ground and will be forced to surface for air.

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