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A Reject following the mutation of a farmer near the Yucatan forest.
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png "The Rejects" , "Animales de Nada", "Spirit Animals"


The Rejects are literally spirit animals. Don't let their name and appearance fool you. They are extremely lethal to any humans who contacts them.

It has the ability to possess sapient beings as vessels and also exhibits future vision, although the effect is limited only to the future of the possessed person.

When a Reject finds an animal, it immediately possesses it and changes the animal's body to look like the physical form of the animal that the Reject resembles1.

The aberrant does this for an unknown reason, though some theorize that they do it for the pain that only a physical body can sense. After the mutation, the Spirit Animal will leave the body and will seek another target to possess.

Anyone who are able to resist the process through having strong personal willpower should be able to tame the spirit and use it as a personal pet or as a source of guidance in daily decisions.

Holy artifacts does not affect the spirits, although mirrors traps them permanently if the ritual is done right, but the reason behind this is still unknown23. In addition to that, the blood of the animal it takes form of has been proven effective in adding few more minutes in the ability to trap a Reject inside the body of the possessed before the latter start his/her mutation.

Note: Animales de Nada can only be talked to through normal conversations by a shaman who wish to communicate with it.

Background: Autumn of 1956: during the demolition of the tribal homes, a small outfit in hunt for any anomalous cryptid, found a steep wooden staircase leading to an underground chamber which contains plenty of farm animals such as pigs, bulls, and cows.

The soldiers killed the creatures which in turn, released the Rejects from the carcasses.

The wall paintings in the same room indicated that the animals used to be their elders which sacrificed themselves to contain the spirits within them which in effect, made them the physical form of the Spirit Animals.

Jasper Barton, the only survivor, reported the case to the Mexico Federal Police station (The headquarters of M. Rangers Outfit) on March 31, 1956.

Location and Population:

Its exact population is unknown but as of today, there are between 78-93 that has been discovered.
They cluster in the east of Yucatan forests located in Mexico, and appear only during the middle summer and the middle of winter.

Hunting or Procurement Methods:

Warders who would like to hunt a Spirit Animal must be accompanied by at least 1 shaman4 to be able to communicate with the aberrant, and to avoid provoking the creature. The personnel must bring the following during the hunt:

  • Any gun with/above 7.62x39mm caliber rounds
  • Wooden Torches
  • Mirrors

These materials are to be brought in case of an encounter with an aggressive transformed creature caused by a Reject.

In addition to that, have your shaman/s bring their sacred ancestral oil.

The banishment ritual is as follows:

1. Place the mirrors in a triangular formation

This will serve as your prison for the Spirit Animal. Be sure to let at least 2 mirrors out of formation so that the Reject can enter it.

2. Have a human bait in the middle of the triangle

This will serve as an initial holder to give time for the other members of the outfit to put the last 2 mirrors in place.

3. Cover the lure with the blood of the animal the Reject resembles

This will help the human bait hold the spirit longer in his/her body. It adds few more minutes for containment ability of the decoy.

4. Have your lure drink the sacred oil

This is done during the possession of the lure in order to break the Reject inside him/her into shards. The process will release the Reject from within him. The shattering will not last permanently so step 5 must start immediately.

5. Enchantment

"Kex chéen u tojol
Perdida u k'i'ik'el utia'al u venda wicho'ob
Criaturas k ts'aik
Tojóolal wa maldición, juntúul plus"

This step is done by your shaman/s to be able to indelibly imprison the specter in the mirrors.

Encounter Records:

Additional Notes:

A Bahane has been discovered recently in ███████. Scanning is being initiated at the moment.

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