Rabe•The forgotten
The Forgotten
Threat Level
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Other Names
“Timeghost1”; Eternal Traveller; “The Nameless Stranger”?

Description: "The Forgotten" is a 60-year-old man of mixed ethnicity, with an estimated height of 1.82 meters2. The Forgotten has demonstrated a variety of different abilities, changing from encounter to encounter, including weather manipulation, the ability to alter landscapes, and rapidly inducing sleep. The current theory is that he is a deity from a previous era, and due to a lack of worship from humans, has seen his powers diminish.

“Looks like a human, behaves like a human, and even smells like a human. It’s probable that he tastes like a human, too.”
- Valkyrie

Note: “Nope, tastes like abnormal old dust”

“You didn't lick that guy, did you?”
- Paracelsus

“Yes, she did.”
- Charlemagne

Background: The Forgotten came to the attention of The Wayward Society when a hunter unit from the partner organization "Hunters of the Occult and Paranormal in Europe" (HOPE) requested pernission to hunt a "Parahuman" in North American territory. The group of four that tracked him through Europe promptly supplied all current information about the aberrant to the Society.

Location and Population: The Forgotten has testified to traveling around the world on foot. He avoids most contact with Norman and as such, his existence is barely known by them. The Forgotten's movement patterns are not limited by any known or unknown border.

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A bloody warm(!) Lake in the middle of a snowy nowhere, confirmed to be created by the Forgotten's weather manipulation abilities.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Four HOPE Hunters have tried to track the Forgotten, but lost the trail as soon he crossed the Atlantic. Stateside Outfits were granted permission to join and support the ongoing hunt to track his travels. Outfits should contact the HOPE Hunting Unit that tracked him for additional information. In North American territory, the Wayward Society is responsible for the monitoring of the aberrant and must cooperate with HOPE or other worldwide affiliates to monitor the Forgotten. No agreement has yet been reached with the groups in Asia or Africa.

Encounter Records: The first documented case was discovered around the end of the 12th century in Italy, where he was mistaken by Guido Bonatti for Giovanni Buttadeo (known in European folklore as the Wandering Jew). However, Historians suspect that he is much older than the origins of the tale. The Forgotten has so far avoided all questions related to his personal details, which is why both the Society and HOPE rely on what scant historical records they can obtain.

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