Rabe•The forgotten Third
The Forgotten Third
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Other Names
"The Forgotten"; “Timeghost1”; Eternal Traveller; “The Nameless Stranger”?

Description: The aberrant under this name, to make it easier we call him now "The Forgotten", is a 60 years old man with mixed ethnic. His high suspecte to to be 1.82 in Meter2. What the Forgotten makes different from Normans is that he showed a list of different abilities, changing from case to case. As such he has shown the abilitieks to control the weather, an other time he can shape landscapes, or in some cases he helps you to fell asleep, what ever human interprets in him. We supposed that he is a deity, from ancient times. With time human less worshiped him, so his power fade.

“Looks like a human, behaves like a human, smells even like human, it’s highly that he taste like human”
Note: “Nop, tastes like abnormal old dust”

- Valkyrie

“You didn’t just licked this guy?”
- Paracelsus

“Yes, she did.”
- Charlemagne

Background: The Forgotten came to the attention of The Wayward Society, when a hunter unit from the partner origination "Hunters of the Occult and Paranormal in Europe" (HOPE) asked if they can on Canadian/American/Mexican ground hunt a "Parahuman". The Group of four, that followed him in Europe, gave all current information about the Forgotten.

Location and Population: The Forgotten testified he is traveling around the wold by on foot. He avoids mostly the contact with Normans, as such he is barely known from Normans.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Currently try four HOPE Hunters to track the Forgotten, lost he as soon he crosses the Atlantic. Regional Outfit are allowe to join and support. Outfit shall contact the Group. On American ground is the Wayward Society responsible for the monitoring of the aberrant.

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Ah, that could be something
So his power is immortality and he can grant immortality?
Or is he looking for something worthy to give it to
That'd be kind of cool. He's been roaming the earth and looking for people to give his power of immortality to
so he can die
But he wants to find someone worthy?
Just an idea
Or maybe he just goes around giving people knowledge of things
Like an immortal hermit
Rabe (EN: Raven)letzten Freitag um 12:20 Uhr
He is highly an immortal

Currently is he a manifestation of a concept, specially “Father Nature”, the husband of Mother Nature
The theme of the article is, his search of his identity, with other words: he is a Forgotten god/deity
He try to been remembered, as “God of Fatherhood”, so he helps persons with out families
As such he has changing abilities, sometimes he can control weather, other time he can shape landscapes, or in some cases he helps you only to fell asleep, what ever human interprets in him
But I will implement your ideas too^^
As he as a “daughter”, or someone the WWS thinks is his daughter
Now I try to adapt it in an article

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