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witch's cabin

Description: The Aberant is a wolf, a woman and a cabin. Known to spontaneously manifest at suicide hotspots. The victims, usually young, unmarried males.

This abberant used to appear in other places as Cabin, Wolf, Granny. Where Granny would welcome weary travelers in and the wolf would eat them. But for some reason, the American version has Cabin, Wolf, Scantily Clad Woman. Why the difference? Is america hypersexualized? Do we just not care about old people? Well whatever the reason, it's here.

There are stories of people entering the cabing then killing the wolf or running away but I don't trust them. The moment you step foot in there, the cabin door shuts and you can never leave and the Three-Eyed Wolf tears you to shreads.

How do you know if it's a monster trying to eat you or a normal girl in cabin who fell at first sight for your rugged Warder charms? Is the ceiling unnaturally dark? The wolf hides in the ceiling. Do you see three glowing eyes?

She can leave the cabin and bring victims within where they are devoured by the wolf.


Location and Population: Known to manifest near suicide hotspots in forests. Disapears fast when authorities show up or groups of Normans hear screams. Will not appear near women.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Warders who are married or in long term relationships and have a healthy relationship with their partners are the least likely to be tempted. Warders who have a long string of sexual conquests and can't keep their dick in their pants should probably sit this one out and stick to Norman girls. Warders with few or no relationship experience should not engage this aberration that specifically targets them and should just stay home and play video games.

Female Warders are entirely immune to the effects of The Cabin but unfortunately cause the Cabin to dematerialize to who knows where before they can destroy it.

Encounter Records:

1st Record: suicidal virgin with rage is eaten and his nerdy female friend (who he rejected and stalked him into the forest) retells the story she watched through the window as he was eaten When they notice she is watching, they disapear, leaving the half eaten body of virgin dying on the cold forest ground

2nd Record: Warder is seduced by Riding Hood and brought to cabin but a gust of wind blows away the disguise to reveal the Male Warder was actually a female Warder. Riding Hood and Cabin disapear before Warder can destroy it.
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