Ethereal Glove
Threat Level
Active Status
Other Names
Ghost Glove, Ghost Mitten

The Ethereal Glove, better known as the Ghost Glove, is a pair of hide gloves that are brown with white fur on the inside. They're much heavier than similar gloves, weighing in at about 10 pounds each. When worn on a person's hand, that person becomes almost completely transparent, and is able to pass through most things as if they weren't there. The only exceptions to this so far have been objects made of copper, the ground beneath their feet (Though it's possible to phase through the ground if the wearer attempts to), Other beings in this state, and presumably, other entities with similar properties. While in this state, some users have reported feeling weightless, lightheaded, and sluggish. Some also reported hearing voices while wearing a glove, though they are unintelligible according to the late Warder Alex Q. It should be noted that the wearer only needs one of the gloves to become ethereal, and no tests have been conducted where a person was wearing both gloves, as putting one on causes the other to fall through the wearer's body, making it impossible to wear both. This is strange, as other objects worn or carried by the wearer also become ethereal, with the exception of anything made of copper.

Little is known about the glove's origins, other than that they were supposedly found in a cave system in southern Canada. The cave system is underneath a Native American burial ground, and is still presently underneath a reserve. It's been examined by an expert and has been reported as being of decent quality, and having been somewhat old, likely made somewhere in North America. The source of it's abilities are unknown, but are presumed to be supernatural, likely caused by some sort of spirits. Originally found in the possession of a pickpocket in Detroit, following the trail of possession eventually lead to the caves underneath the Alderville Native American reserve, located in Ontario. The Bureau has requested an active, up-to-date list of the locations of each glove, as a means of security, meaning recovering the other glove is a priority.
Location and Population:
There are two known specimens of the Ethereal Glove in the world. One of which is in the possession of Warder Frank S, while the other is currently missing after Warder Alex Q was killed and stripped of theirs, it's location is unknown, presumably somewhere within Ontario, though it's entirely possible it's made it's way elsewhere.
Hunting or Procurement Methods:
As of now the only two found were supposedly found within the same cave system, both within different locked copper containers. It is unknown if more exist within the caves or elsewhere. Warder first acquired them from a bank robber in Detroit who'd been using them to rob banks.
Encounter Records:

Additional Notes:
Shortly after the report submitted by Warder Frank S, they submitted additional test logs from having used the Glove. They are as follows:

Do not wear anything made of copper while using the glove. It will remain on your person, despite being ethereal, and should you be wearing a necklace made from copper, attempting to walk through a wall will end poorly. Same applies to bracelets, earrings, etc.

Do not attempt to phase through the ground beneath your feet. This should be obvious, but I thought I'd let anyone reading this know that it's possible. If you're not trying to do it though, you'll be fine.

While ethereal, you can inflict harm upon yourself, and other ethereal beings by either holding a weapon when putting on the glove, or using copper. Unsure if copper will work on beings that are ethereal by means other than the glove, but I was able to draw blood with a copper knife. Sidenote: If you remove the glove after having injured yourself, the injury seems to vanish. After putting it back on, it reappeared. If you are seriously injured wearing the glove, removing it is probably a good idea. I wouldn't put it back on after that though. In regards to other beings, I was able to punch, and be punched while testing with Alex. I was also able to hit him with a broom, after holding the broom while putting the glove on. He was able to take the broom from me and hit me over the head with it, as well.

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