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"The Whistler"

Description: Sequoianthropus is a slim humanoid with moderate mucle mass, roughly 8 feet (approx 2.5 meters) in height, and has several holes located across its upper and mid torso. Its skin seems wood-like in texture, resembling the bark of a sequoia tree, and presents two upper extremities at the right and left side of it's torso, which it can split in half to create one additional extremity on each side. While it only has one lower extremity, it seems to be able of splitting it in half in order to move.

The holes located across its torso vary in size and width, and when air flows through them, create whistling sounds that change pitch according to the hole they are coming from. The aberrant controls these sounds by closing and opening the holes with organs that ressemble thick eyelids, and since it lacks a mouth, seems like the only way it is able to communicate.

"Wanna ask The Whistler how its day is going? Put a leaf blower through a big ass pan flute."
-Aristaeus-2, talking about ways of comunicating with Sequoianthropus.

Sequoiantropus exhibits docile behaviour, and mainly prefers to evade people by living in secluded areas where vegetation is dense, although it can enter a distressed state if it detects foreign beings getting too close. When in this state, it will produce deep sounds as a way of warning beings of his presence, and will continue to do so for as long as it can sense the threat close. If it feels attacked, it will enter an aggressive state, where it will produce extremely disorienting, high pitched sounds, and will start a charge, trying to make the threat flee by intimidating it. If this fails, Seqouianthropus will try to kill the threat by mauling or crushing it with his upper extremities, returning to its calmed state once the threat has been eliminated.

Background: The name "Sequoiantropus" comes from "Sequoia", the type of tree its skin resembles, and "antropos" meaning man, or human, mainly due to it having the same body structure as a normal adult man. Its first recorded sighting was made by a local Warder patrolling the area in 1920, mainly describing it as "A two legged tree-man making weird noises". Since then, no other sightings were reported until 1973, when an entire Wayward outfit formerly known as "Hummingbird squad" emitted an SOS call while hunting aberrants in the Tahoe National Forest. When a rescue team arrived to the scene, four of the five Hummingbird squad members were found crushed to death, with the last Warder dying later in medical care from his rib cage puncturing his lungs. Three more attempts to hunt this creature were made, all resulting in failure, leading to a complete investigation of this creature's behavior and one of few rare cases ever recorded that a "hunting ban" was put into place.

"This is a message to all Wayward squads in America regarding Sequoianthropus, also known as "The Whistler". A complete prohibition of any and all contracts for the hunt of this creature has been made, since we have lost too many experienced members trying to destroy it. We will ensue a deep investigation of how this monster operates, and on the meanwhile, efforts to isolate the creature from any human contact will be set in effect.

It is of absolute importance that we understand this thing, since we all have heard the tales about its capabilities, and god forbid it stumbles its way upon civilization."
-Announcement made by Néʼéshjaatsoh, member of The Great Circle

Through examinations performed on splinters shed from its skin, it is estimated for Sequoianthropus to be more than eight centuries old, although with our current resources, it is impossible to know exactly how old it is or where it came from.

Location and Population: Sequoianthropus has been known to roam all across the Tahoe National Forest, normally straying far away from tourists and hikers. We believe it to be unable to reproduce, making it the only of its kind, at least until more sightings of creatures like it are reported.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: Currently, all methods involved in its destruction have proven ineffective. Even though it's skin resembles a tree, it is completely non-flammable, and any attempts at using high-powered flamethrowers or explosives would likely result in unnecessary damage to the environment. Normal bullets don't seem to have any effect on it, although tracer and incendiary rounds seem to disorient it for some seconds, opening a window for Warders to escape a hostile encounter. It is best to avoid any confrontation if possible, and keeping close surveillance through trail cams and organized Wayward squads is vital.

Encounter Records: The following list contains all recorded confrontations with Sequoianthropus, including date, name of the squad, and status of its members:

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