Spectrevision in the process of monitoring a Spectre.
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Description: So, we’ve got quite a really weird situation here, like with all the stuff GenCo sends us. I think it can be considered an artifact, so I'll just post this here anyways.

Some months ago, we were gifted this really weird TV set from the SSO (Spirit Slayers Order). They said it was some sort of prototype for us to try out from Genco.

Comment — 3-28-2017
Not these GenCo guys again… their stuff is hit and miss. I suggest you don't use it much. They're prototypes, and we're lab rats.

Comment — 4-02-2017
They sent me a crate of this really sytange ammo. Strangely enough, and this isn't a tall tale now, with it I can shoot ghosts, or, at least weaken them enough so my buddies can get the ritual candles in place. Their instructions were to not cut open the bullets before firing them, but I kind of want to find out.

We don't exactly know how it works, and they are probably not going to tell us, but it seems to be relatively easy to operate. You just flip a couple knobs, and, boom. It will then display with really shitty screen quality, and highlight any ghosts seen by the camera apparatus that comes with it.

According to their instructions, you’re supposed to wear this really clunky-looking shoulder-mounted camera and just walk around until the TV spots something and your buddy who’s watching radios you. It isn't just for a couple steps before it stops broadcasting, either. Eddie drove with the camera for about five miles and the TV still kept displaying.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t beep or anything when it sees something. GenCo says this is because it’s really hard to program the tech which can do it. Or, it's just because lab rats always get the posoin.

Also, for those of you wondering why we don't just use heat-sensing equipment, it's because not all kinds of spectres manipulate the temperature around them. Soon enough we're going to get out handbook explaining that kind of thing.

Encounter Records:

So far we've caught the following things on the Spectrevision:

- A crouched over, crying woman who immediately tried to swipe at Eddie with her non-existent fingernails. He said a quick prayer, performed a quick little funeral rite for the dead, and then she was gone. The Spectrevision caught it attempting to eat its arm during the entire thing.

- A pitch-black, shadowey ball in a swamp from a job about a month back. Suspected to be an orange to red threat. Waiting for backup currently before we tackle it.

- A very thin stick-like creature that liked to go into houses and destroy expensive china. Eddie convinced it to move on.

Location and Population: I know that a couple Warders and outfits of other ghost-hunting Orders have been given prototypes like this. I think that enough time has passed that they have made a finished product. Maybe some foreign dictator is currently looking for the spirits of all those who he wronged so they can get rid of them. I wouldn't know.

Additional Notes: We've used it for about five months. No complications. Yet.

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