The Reset Button
The Reset Button
An image of a former Reset Button.
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png The Button, Apocalypse-in-a-Box, The "Don't Fucking Press It" Button

Description: The Reset Button is a sigil that, when carved into any small, steel cylinder, will instantly result in the manifestation of a red button. This button (also referred to as "the Reset Button") will always fit itself on top of the cylinder upon its creation, where it will then make a stainless steel box around the base of the button, engulfing the cylinder.

When the Reset Button is pressed, the person pressing it will begin to age in reverse. Once the subject has reverted to their fetal state, they will spontaneously relocate within their mother's womb. Accompynying this, all events in time that the affected person has influence in any way will also reset. Everything will be as it was when the person was still developing within the mother's womb.


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