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The Echo, The Creeping Fear,

The Echo, is a metaphysical something. What it is might as well be a spit in the wind. Here's what I know. The fucking thing attacks anyone dumb enough to get close to the paranormal. Now for most Warders thats a typical day. So we are prime targets. The thing also likes to go after occultists, witches, and weirdos. Thankfully the fucker doesn't just come out the blue and snatch every Sasquatch Chaser. Like most borderline nonexistent creatures. The Echo has rules. Now in my experience, the fucker only comes after those Warders who are under rested and over worked. You ever pull an all nighter trying to track down a skunk ape? Then in the morning you got a weird swirly pattern in your eyes, and a buzzing in your ears? That's a small aspect of The Echo. Now most people will get some sleep at this point. Those who don't are wandering closer and closer to something they best avoid.
Now Metaph's are tricky fucks. You can't just shoot em, trust me I have fucking tried. Thankfully this metaph is kind of a pussy. It needs to erode the sanity of it's target. Usually with insectoid hallucinations. Depending on the stress level of the target this can easily be undone with a stiff drink and a nap. Now if the target is already pretty far gone, seeing bugs, hearing shit, and just not sleeping well. You got two choices, one is to knock the idiots lights out. This will sometimes put the target in a dreamless sleep, that can undo the problem. Now if you can hear the buzzing they're hearing, sleep won't do shit. You're gonna need to prepare a room, the room should be devoid of windows and have one door. Now you're going to need to light four candles at the cardinal directions. Also the room should have salt covering the floor. I mean covered, go get about 20 lbs of the shit. Finally at the door of the room should be a dog. When the fucker strikes it will typically be driven off by this ritual. This is the only way to avoid being taken. Now I have some theories bout using a ghost dog to attack the fucker. Unfortunately I have yet to make a ghost dog. Not for lack of trying. Anyone needing help dealing with this Metaph should reach out to me. I will gladly put your lights out.
Below is the journal of Jethro Islid, whose habit of stimulant abuse made him a prime target for The Echo. Stimulants are tempting for long haul hunts, but should be used by necessity only. Less you end up like Jethro. The fucking idiot.
-Ranger Warden Cliffe

Islid’s Journal:


Little did I know the report of slug people in West Kansas was going to be such a nightmare. You go in thinking everyones just psyched out, like those clowns in the woods. Turns out there's roughly 100 Slug people living in the woods. I spent roughly 47 hours out there, foregoing sleep to forge improvised salt shells, and explosives. I hunted every last one down. Even the ones who pleaded for their lives. Their manner of speech and grasp of english, made things difficult. The deed is done though. God have mercy on me. What even is right or wrong? I got those weird little swirly patterns in the center of my vision, stimulants are no replacement for sleep.


Consumed alive by slugs in my dreams. Go figure that one out. I awoke in the night to the sound of slithering about my room and a buzzing in my ears. Thought maybe the floor of my camper was covered in worms. After rubbing my eyes and ears, it went away. I must be overworked. Gonna go back out into the woods today and make sure all the slug boys are gone. Then get this camper on the road I will feel better to be gone of this place.


Turns out I am shit at my job. There's more slug boys out here. Either that or they can regenerate like worms.Some kind of
"slug god" out in a cave. Great! I made a good effort at clearing up the ones I found, but I am gonna need a crew out here. Even less sleep last night and the swirly patterns in my tired eyes are getting rather annoying. Like wriggling worms. Also it must be cicada season out here, because the loud fuckers are going all day and night. Gonna put out some feelers for local warders, and just hunker down. Maybe do some spot cleaning. Maybe stop taking the Adderall. Maybe.


Those gooey fucks! They came in the night last night spitting acid and bile. I was able to drive them off after bout an hour long stand off, but my camper is absolutely fucked. The cicadas are everywhere in here now. I have never seen so many of them. I got two boys from up north headed down. If those slimy fucks come down tonight again, I don't know if I'll be able to hold them off. Still haven't slept and I am low on adderall. I am hoping I can make it til tomorrow. Told those northern daisies to bring lots of salt.


I thought it might be wise to make a note at the end of Islid's journal. My name is Ranger Shim. Me and Ranger Carlin came down from North Kansas to aid a Warder out here. He seemed to be dealing with some Slug Humanoids in the area. We got here in good time, but have not been able to locate Islid. We were gonna go out searching for him, signs of a struggle recently led us to believe he was taken last night. Then I read his journal. He was reporting cicada activity in the area, along with other evidence and it not being cicada season; all signs point to The Echo. His penchant for stimulant usage, probably sped up his being taken. We're gonna move forward with his mission and clear out these "slug Boys". We need to let more people know about "The Echo", tired of finding abandoned campers and madmens journals.

Further Insights on The Echo

I been getting a lot of comments from you dumb fucks, asking why we can't just kill the fucker. So now I have to clarify. The Echo is a Metaphysical construct. It exists for the same reason your mom does. It is inherent to the nature of our field, just like your mom must exist cause you do. I can shoot your mom, but I can't shoot the concept of a mother. So this raises the great question of what it is the concept of? As far as I can tell, it is the concept of stress being bad for you. That's not satisfying, I know. Regardless all you dumb fucks need to make sure you sleep and don't over work yourselves. This is how we fight the fucker. At least til I get a hold of a ghost dog.
-Ranger Warden Cliffe

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