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Description: Aberrant is a species of fungi, which is near identical in looks and genetic information to Omphalotus nidiformus. However, while the regular ghost fungus glows green, the American ghost fungus glows a deep red.

Aberrant is daemophagic1 and is known to live near or at areas possessed by non-physical beings. A spectre or metaph being preyed on by them are normally weaker and more easily caught and/or eliminated. Symptoms of the American ghost fungus on non-physical entities are specific to each type of spectre or metaph, though commonly includes paralysis. Aberration seems to only be able to focus on a single host at a time. It, like most other daemophagic organisms, has means of consuming non-physical entities that are currently unknown to the Society.

The fungus can produce a highly addictive, colorless gaseous substance out of its gills while feeding, although they can excrete the gas at any time. The main symptom of the substance is known as a heavy increase in impulsive behavior, often leading to an accidental death. It's theorized that it also increases the likelihood of its victim becoming a spectre, giving it more food in the future. This is unconfirmed, however. Directly ingesting the mushroom causes highly increased symptoms compared to just breathing them.

Other symptoms include:

  • State of extreme excitement and happiness
  • Memory loss
  • Intense hallucinations
  • Temporary loss of certain senses such as sight, taste, and hearing
  • And reduced ability to properly think.

The addictive properties of the fungi have caught attention to several illegal drug dealers, both individual-wise and group-wise. They are most often ingested via pills, although syringes are also common. At the time of writing, roughly 46 individuals and 16 groups have been confirmed as selling the drug all across the United States. Only 6 individuals and 10 groups known are still in operation, with the rest either shutting down themselves or stopping via the Society's influence. The largest and most infamous fringe known to the society is the Greenburs2, which originated in California and is named after the founder, Garry Greenbur. Over 83 members are known to exist.

Background: The first known encounter of this aberration dates back to 1954 when the now defunct outfit known as Banshee noticed how spectre hunts tended to be easier in places where the fungus lived. After testing the fungi in a variety of experiments, the outfit learned of its antispectrophic properties. Banshee then designated the American ghost fungus as an aberration and used them to hunt spectres. Other outfits learned of these fungi and used them for spectre hunts as well, with a few testing on and succeeding with using them to combat metaphs, which started in 1958. While some people died from overdoses and its impulsive behavior effects, it was nearly unanimously pointed to be the results of other aberrants.

The first warder to point out the potential risk associated by the fungus is Banshee-14 in 1960, who was apart of a hunt of a spectre aberration with use of the fungus. Banshee-9 was responsible for specifically using the fungus and thus had the most interaction with it and was recorded with various symptoms now related to contact with the fungus. These symptoms, however, were not linked with the fungus at the time and instead with the spectre. Banshee-14, being suspicious that only Banshee-9 got hit with the spectre's previously unseen ability, went up to its outfit to discuss an alternate hypothesis about the fungus. Everyone else dismissed her idea and refused to not use their spectre-stopping mushrooms. She attempted to convince other people but gave up her idea soon after.

Several other warders had given the hypothesis, such as Ruby-33. However the idea never really gained traction until 1984, often stated as to be because this warder, Andrés Hernández, was considered as a ranger and thus people normally listened to him more often. He learned about the theory by an archived account of the incident in a Data Collection Center written by Banshee-2. His opinion sided with Banshee-14 after he read it and attempted to test this- by getting high on the mushroom himself. His results also seemed to align with Banshee-14's ideas and the idea quickly spread.

Use of the fungus has become far rarer due to the risks of using it. However, it is often used for red and black-level non-physical entity hunts as a high-risk, high-reward method.

Location and Population: American ghost fungi used to be native to the southwestern U.S.A. However, the past use of them for their antispectrophic properties by the Wayward Society and presently their addictive properties by illegal drug dealers have extended their reach to almost all of the states. It is currently unknown how many individuals of the aberrant there is.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: As they are a type of fungus, fungicides are the weapon of choice with combating them. Stay as far away as possible in order to prevent intoxication, and cover as much of your body as possible. Make sure that there are no non-physical beings around, as the fungus can replenish the toxin in that case.

Encounter Records: 3 members of the outfit Lime found a lone cabin on 9/3/2017 in Muir Woods National Monument. It was owned by Cary Tremblay, someone already known to be in the Greenburs. After an exploration of the cabin, a trapdoor was found underneath the bed. Henrich Spokoiny caught footage for archival, which can be viewed in the San Francisco Data Collection Center. A transcript of the encounter can be seen below.

It is currently unknown where Cary Tremblay is at this time.

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