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Hellhound sighted near Hinton, West Virginia
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png Scary Boys, Not-So-Good Boys, Hot Dogs

Description: They're scary and extremely hot - these dogs are, when encountered in the wild, fair too dangerous to be handled alone. They're deaf and the only thing they smell is their own sickening smell of burning flesh, which makes it easy to run away once you get too close with them.

They're basically dogs made of a material closely resembling Magma. Don't even attempt approaching, if they see you, they'll either run away like cowards at speeds faster than any of our jeeps could ever reach or try to attack you. If you get bitten even once you're basically done for - their hot jaws that can reach up to 1200°F1 will melt you fairly instantly. One thing that can also be concluded from past encounters is that they can control both their heat and their physical form. Oftentimes, they have lowered temperatures when idling and roaming.


Location and Population: They are fairly common (our estimates say that there are maybe 100 still alive) and can be found all across the North American continent2. They always appear in a place where a canine creature has recently died. For example, DT-3 from the Dropped Tear outfit encountered a Hellhound the size and proportions of a German Shepard. After investigating, she found several missing posters of a German Shepard in Hinton, West Virgina. This has led us to believe these are reincarnations, or rather, echos of the canines they used to be.

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