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Radioactive Spiders
A Baby Radioactive Spider
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blank.png Holy shit, Big fucker & What the fuck is that?

It’s big fuckin spiders, like, as big as a adult German Shepard. Fuckin scary looking when they're about to attack, they rear their legs up and bears their fangs. Drips acidic venom all over the place, leaves a big mess. Bites are bad, leave a person poisoned AND gives them cancer (as if original spiders weren’t bad enough). Really fuckin quick, able to scurry away faster than a scared cat. Doesn’t actively kill things, only kills for food, sometimes they sneak into towns during nighttime and kill pets. But will attack when provoked. It builds massive webs wherever it can. Thankfully, these spiders stay in the outback so encounters are easy to spot and they’re easy to kill when they’re not hiding. They build big fuckin webs, they’re almost invisible so always keep alert when walking in their territory and carry a stick to ensure you don’t walk into them.


Thanks to some of our historian contacts, they’ve figured out the origin of these big spiders. They started appearing around the 1950’s, the same time the Australian government allowed Nuclear testing in the Australian outback. Our historians have found evidence to also suggest the Australian government has had success in covering up their existence but has considered neutralising them a non-priority despite pets getting killed and people getting hurt.

Location and Population:

These spider colonies are found in real remote parts of the outback, for example Northern Territory, Western Australia (the state), Western NSW and Western Queensland (western parts of the states. It gets confusing). The population usually stays around 2000 due to our yearly hunt month.

Hunting or Procurement Methods:

If you want to join in the yearly hunt months, go to Richmond, Australia and ask around for Barry “Bazza” in the nearest pub. He’ll direct you to the meeting spot where all the other Warders will be waiting for the trip around Australia. Barry’ll supply the guns at the meeting spot along with starter beers, “Goon”(wine in a bag) and BBQ meat.

Use long range rifles if you spot them a way away, don’t have to be high caliber though, they squish easily. If you’re in close quarters, for the love of god keep moving to either run away or hit them with a bat, and be careful of webs, we’ve had Warders and hunters alike get caught and get bitten that way.
Best place to shoot is the abdomen, that’s where all the vital organs are. $50 to the warders that can hit the heart first try.

It’s always best to ambush these tricky bastards, can take down about 5 at a time with ambushes. Always move in pairs, incase one of you gets stuck in the webs.

Never and i mean NEVER try and befriend one. Jenkins tried, and he was swarmed by little spiderlings who thought he was food (fuck you auto correct spiderlings is a word dammit).

Encounter Records:

First encounter was around 1987, with Warder Freeman witnessing a coverup and reporting it to the rest of the Wayward Society. Ever since then, we’ve encountered them every year in July.

Our Historian contacts have theorised that these giant spiders also appeared in: 1969, 1976, 1980, 1982, 1985 and 1987. They were able to connect this to Government coverups that occurred during those years.

Additional Notes:

  • As of 2011, there have been about 50 injuries recorded by these giant spiders and only 2 confirmed deaths, one of them a 5yr old child and the other Warder Jenkins. Deaths by Cancer can’t be counted cause it’s cancer, not giant spiders.
  • One of our own Warders was able to find a species of spiders that fits these ones the closest, with it being the Black Funnel web. He said it was unusual, as Black funnel webs have been known to be extremely aggressive, so he had a hard time trying to connect them directly.

Interview with Barry:

Foreword: Got Barry pissed one day during hunt month and thought: “Why not ask him why he helps us?"

Note: When talking with Barry about anything, if he gets on the subject of Tony Abbott find a way get off the subject IMMEDIATELY. He’ll go on and on about Abbott and his screw-ups, conspiracies he’s in and his big ears. One time he went on about Tony Abbott for 5 hours. Stay far away from this subject AT ALL COSTS.

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